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Update 7(27 May 2016)  

No new content this month, just a shit ton of bug fixes. Amazingly, the boys fixed more bugs then there are grains of sand on Brighton beach. Fact! Watch the video to learn about 2.0

Full Change List

= Temperature System
  • The entire Temperature / Weather / Seasons / Hot water system is now optional on starting a new prison.
  • 0010826: [Other] Logic still broken since after Alpha 25b (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010847: [AI & Behaviour] Tree delivery trucks carry one pallet per truck instead of eight, causing traffic jam and food shortage (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010808: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners flock to shop with chocolate in stock (John) - resolved.
  • 0010719: [Gameplay] Fill to Capacity - prisoner buses keep on coming even after prison is overflowing. (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010816: [AI & Behaviour] cells not included in a cell block aren't provided uniforms (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010817: [Gameplay] Room Quality Calculated Wrong (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009415: [AI & Behaviour] Random deliveries to the shop cause shortage of popular item types, eventually freezing the shop altogether (John) - resolved.
  • 0010815: [Gameplay] Jobs with program education required are never assigned (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010792: [AI & Behaviour] When snipers stop a large group of tunnel escapees, guards do not process all escapees (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010834: [Control & User Interface] Showers that are hooked up with hot water pipes do not show the need for normal water pipes. (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0005216: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners wont sleep befor 10 pm (John) - resolved.
  • 0010507: [AI & Behaviour] Mailroom does not work (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010827: [AI & Behaviour] New Death Row Prisoners wont go to death row cell, just as protective custody prisoners. (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0008893: [AI & Behaviour] Guards, especially armed guards, can get stuck on walls near incidents (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010802: [Graphics] Snow obscures zoning (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009583: [Gameplay] Can't add any object in a cell where a gang member lives, incl. pipes&wires (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010806: [Graphics] Snow Indoors (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0005061: [AI & Behaviour] Utilities cannot be built below crossing walls (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0007963: [AI & Behaviour] Doctors not healing prisoners with laundry baskets (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009803: [Save & Load] "Autosave Timer" does not get saved (Icepick) - resolved.

Update 6 + NEW IV Games (29 April 2016)  

Enjoy a new method to prioritise jobs and get to grips with weather systems and flooding. We’ve also continued with our performance work so it should run even smoother than a Baby’s bottom.

Full Change List

= Seasons and Weather
  • The game will now move through the seasons, with the outdoor temperature varying based on the time of year.
  • Various weather patterns can occur during the game, varying based on the current season.
    • Overcast
    • Rain
    • Torrential rain (Special event, rare)
    • Snow and frost
    • Heatwave (special event, rare)
  • Prisoners needs will be affected by the weather when they are outdoors. Getting rained on will spike their comfort, clothing and warmth needs.
  • Prisoners left outside in extremely cold conditions (for example in an outdoor solitary confinement cage) can now die of exposure.
  • Weather is DISABLED by default in all prisons, and can be enabled when creating a new map. Alternatively, use the new "Map Settings" screen in the Extras menu.
= Map Settings

You can now adjust the settings of your prison from a new screen called "Map Settings", found in the Extras menu. This screen lets you enable certain options that may not have been enabled (or even available) when you first created the map.
Nb. You can enable these options, but you cannot disable them once enabled.

Available options:

  • Enable Gangs
  • Enable Events
  • Enable Weather

= Job Prioritisation
  • You can now mark any job as a high priority. Simple hold control and either left click or left drag a selection to mark jobs. Available workers (who aren't already on a high priority job) will stop what they are doing and be assigned to the high priority job.
  • If no workers are available, high priority jobs will take precedence when the workers become available. A small icon in the lower right of a visible job shows if it is marked as a high priority job.
  • You can remove the high priority marking on jobs by holding control and either right clicking or dragging a selection.
  • Hovering over an in progress job will now highlight the entity working on it, showing a red line leading to the worker responsible for the job.
  • Pressing F while highlighting an in progress job will cause the camera to follow the working entity and keep the highlight active.
= Performance Work (continued)

Further performance gains were made this month through several different approaches to optimisation.

  • More systems moved to overlap with Render().
  • Optimisations to the visible object list builder.
  • Singly linked lists mostly replaced with arrays (FastList).
  • Avoid copying of containers where possible.
  • NeedSystem optimised.

= Bug Fixes

Temperature and lightmap system corruption bug fixed.

  • 0010618: [Gameplay] Temperature next to fire is in the negatives
  • 0010625: [Gameplay] Temperature drops instantly even in areas that should be producing heat

Update 5 (24 Mar 2016)  

You spoke, we listened. After a month of tweaking, tuning, tightening and teasing we have managed to stuff even more frames into every unforgiving second.  We've made significant performance gains so everyone should enjoy a smoother experience, but bear with us - we've got another month of speed updates to keep us busy over Easter.

Following our temperature work last month, Gary has updated the utilities mode to have a new hot water system and if you watch the vid we reveal all about Secret 3D Mode...

Full Change List

= Performance optimisations

We focussed on performance this month, and achieved a speed boost of at least 50%. This work is ongoing.

  • Now defaulting to the VS2015 build, with the old VS2008 build still available for Safe mode (Prison Architect Safe Mode.exe). This gives a good speed improvement over the VS2008 version.
  • Asynchronous job search system. Instead of synchronously looking for a job, workers, guards, prisoners, doctors now place a request for a new job in a queue. This queue is processed during render phase of the game loop so shouldn't take up any time during the main game loop.
  • Speed up rendering of the Feed Prisoners Objective. This was particularly slow when there were a lot of hungry prisoners.
  • Rebuild the indoor/outdoor shadow mask only when a cell changes its material or indoor/outdoor status.
= Thermodynamics (continued)
  • New pipe type in the utilities view: Hot water pipes These operate on a seperate layer to the existing pipes, and can be overlaid without conflict.
  • New utility: Hot water boiler Requires a large pipe connection of cold water, and a direct electrical connection You can run hot water pipes from this boiler in any direction. Nb. Water will lose heat the further it gets from the boiler.
  • All radiators now require a hot water connection to function
  • Showers can take cold water or hot water. When supplied with hot water, showers will also reduce a prisoner's Warmth need When supplied only with cold water will apply a Frigid effect, which acts as a kind of short-term surpression while also spiking their Warmth and comfort needs.
- 3d mode has been discovered.

This update we have improved 3d mode with new shapes, new shaders operating on all objects, and better wall geometry. 3d mode remains very experimental.

Known bug: The mouse position is wrong when using graphics/Supersampling.
Known bug: Long pauses caused by geometry changing, eg wall construction/demolition

  • Thermodynamic map to use 16 bit number type to represent the temperature instead of 8 bit. This fixes a bug with fire showing negative temperatures.
  • 0010610: [Graphics] entire screen is black and white boxes

Update 4 (4 Mar 2016)  

This month we've returned to our boffin-like roots and implemented a thermodynamic model. When the sun sets over the outer fence and the shadow of the sniper grows longer over the exercise yard, the temperature will begin to drop. Heat sources like the kitchen and radiators will keep things warm for a while, but the cold will start creeping through those thin cell walls.

Next comes Quick Build. Stolen straight from the console build comes the ability to stamp down whole cells and offices, This should make things a whole lot quicker and a bit less "grindy".

We've also packaged up some of the coolest prisons we could find so if you don't use steam, or your connection drops you still have something to play with. Along the same lines you can now filter the most popular steam prisons in game and tinker with the most popular penetentiaries on the workshop.

Full Change List

= Thermodynamics
  • The game now models the ambient temperature of the world, and it's effect on your prisoners.
  • The outdoor temperature will vary during the day, and turn cold at night
  • The temperature of your indoor areas will be affected by this. Indoor areas near doors and windows will lose heat fast.
  • Certain existing objects generate lots of heat : Cookers (when in use), power stations, water pumps.
    • New toolbar button under Logistics : Temperature. Visualises the temperature of all areas of your prison
    • Prisoners now have a Warmth need. This need increases when they are cold.
    • They will protest if cold for too long, and eventually cause trouble.
    • If prisoners are too hot for too long (for example working in a hot kitchen) they will develop a status effect "Overheating".
      This makes them more likely to cause trouble
    • New item : Radiator. Build these around your prison to warm up the indoors when required.
= Quick Build menu
  • The old "Clone" toolbar item has been replaced with a new "Quick Build" menu, with more options.
  • You can now pick from a set of template rooms, and stamp them dowm in your prison.
  • All neccesary foundations will be built (if required), and the area will be cleared of walls and objects.
  • Then your workmen will build all the walls and objects required.
  • The room type will be automatically assigned.
  • You can rotate a quick build room using R or middle mouse click.
    Available quick build rooms:
    • Basic Cell
    • Solitary Cell
    • Luxury Cell
    • Shared Cell
    • Office
  • Nb. Clone is now available in the Quick Build menu and no longer needs to be researched.
= New prison sharing options
  • A new option in the Extras menu 'Most Popular Prisons' lets you view the most popular Steam Workshop prisons.
    You can choose to view the most popular over the last week/month/year/all time.
    Play the prison instantly by clicking Play.
  • We are now bundling 10 of the best community made prisons with all versions of the game.
    These are designed for times when you have no internet connection, or are not running the Steam build (so no workshop access)
  • You can now attach a Phone Tap to the Secure vistation booths added in Update 3. This will give you more intelligence on contraband, escapes etc.
= New Translations

Ukranian, Bulgarian, Traditional Chinese

  • 0010454: [Gameplay] Escape mode: Revive prisoners (lim_ak) - resolved.
  • 0010333: [Gameplay] Fill to capacity improvement (lim_ak) - resolved.
  • 0010588: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners can work and get paid even when job room is invalid (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009100: [AI & Behaviour] Mail delivered to solitary cell after inmate has left (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010566: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners do not use weight-benches (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010500: [Performance] Snipers in Guard Towers cause major lag. (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010567: [AI & Behaviour] Doctors get stuck while attempting to heal (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010539: [Gameplay] Saved game, crashes at same spot (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0010519: [AI & Behaviour] Wrong delivered mail. (Icepick) - resolved.

Update 3 (27 Jan 2016)  

There's nothing more likely to stop you in your tracks than the sound of a sniper bullet screaming a few meters from your head. That'll be the warning shot, fired from the sniper in the tower, to stop an escape in it's tracks. Installing guard towers will certainly increase the security of your prison, but it won't do much for the psychological well-being of your prisoners - how would you feel if a bloke with a gun was watching you all day?

Want more tyranny? You can dehuminise visitation by building glass booths and phones. Prevent the hand-holding and all that business - prevents the drugs being smuggled too. Your prison, your rules.....

Full Change List

= Guard Towers + Snipers

You can now build guard towers around your prison for an extra level of security, intimidation, and force.

  • New entity type : Snipers
    • Hired from the staff menu.
    • These guys will equip themselves with a scoped sniper rifle from the armoury, if you have one.
    • They will then take turns manning the guard towers you have built.
  • Snipers will project 'Suppression' to all prisoners within their line of sight.
  • Rules of engagement
    • When snipers see trouble occuring, they will fire warning shots.
    • If three warning shots are ignored, they will shoot to kill.
    • If you have enabled "Freefire" they will always shoot to kill, without warning.
    • They will also shoot to kill if they see an escaping prisoner already outside the prison secure zone.

= Secure Visitation Booths

You can now build secure visitation booths in your visitation room if you choose, instead of the usual tables. A secure visitation booth has a glass panel that seperates the inmate from the family member, and they use a phone to talk.

  • No contraband can be imported through a totally secure visitation room
  • However the inmates family needs will not be satisfied nearly as well
  • Nb. There must be a complete seperation of visitors and inmates for a room to be considered secure.

= Female Names-in-the-game

If you are a Name in the Game customer, you can now update your bio and create a female prisoner if you wish. Go to to do this.

- Mod API updates

Scripted interface buttons now correctly pass click callbacks to the script that created them. This allows scripts to add interactions to other objects in the game world.

- Dormitories of 40 or more squares will now get their own sector for the purposes of guard deployment and security zoning

- New Translations


- Bug Fixes
  • Fixed: 2x3 Dormitories with a bunkbed will now correctly accept 2 prisoners
  • 0010359: [AI & Behaviour] Doctors not treating during Virus Outbreak Event
  • 0010445: [AI & Behaviour] Overdosed prisoners put in solitary instead of infirmary
  • 0010477: [Gameplay] Intake System brings in wrong amounts of certain levels of prisoners
  • 0010333: [Gameplay] Fill to capacity improvement
  • 0010438: [Control & User Interface] CI window shows two % signs rather than one
  • 0010352: [AI & Behaviour] Nasty change in the priority of the job assignment
  • 0010461: [Gameplay] Contraband scan cooldown causing problems
  • 0010459: [Control & User Interface] Suspicion percentage is displayed twice
  • 0006604: [Control & User Interface] Double billing of reform programs
  • 0010437: [AI & Behaviour] Multiple mailrooms do not work
  • 0010480: [Gameplay] Intake not calculated properly
  • 0008937: [Control & User Interface] Carpentry Apprenticeship
  • 0010452: [Gameplay] Dormitories and adjacent rooms counts as one room
  • 0010322: [Gameplay] Prisoners not being taken to Dormitories
  • 0010298: [Gameplay] 2x3 dorms dont get extra prisoner space
  • 0010472: [AI & Behaviour] Opened mail thrown throughout Holding Cell
  • 0010453: [AI & Behaviour] Laundry taken from Dormitorys
  • 0006883: [Mod System] Allow mods to augment the selected object popup
  • 0010367: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners get ReadBook status and freeze in place
  • 0010417: [Control & User Interface] Policy screen in female prisons says "HIM"
  • 0010471: [AI & Behaviour] Laundry Room uniforms in odd piles
  • 0010095: [Performance] One specific prison that has updated across mutiple alphas is experincing 1sec freezing every 10sec
  • 0010468: [AI & Behaviour] Shower Drainage Behaviour Issues
  • 0010370: [Performance] Extreme low FPS with many idle prisoners.
  • 0010348: [Other] Open mails spawning from my inmates

Update 2 (18 Dec 2015)  

For the last update of 2015 we've introduced women into prison. Their needs are subtlly different, but the biggest issue you'll face is what to do if a mother turns up with a babe in arms........

Merry Christmas; thanks for an incredible 2015 and all the best for 2016 from Mark, Chris and the rest of the Introversion Software team.

Full Change List

= Women's Prisons

You can now choose the gender of your prisoners in the "New Prison" screen. Female prisoners have different needs and behave differently than male prisoners.

Some female prisoners are mothers of young babies (less than two years old) and are entitled to look after their baby during their stay in your prison. This requires some new facilities - often called "MBUs (Mother and Baby Units)"
Family Cell
A new type of cell for mothers with babies only. Similar to a normal cell, but also requires a Cot and an integrated Shower. Nb these cells will never be assigned to female prisoners without babies.

A shared room for all mothers to live in, typically isolated from the rest of the prison. Mothers will spend much of their time in this room with their babies. Requires cots and play mats for the babies.

Mothers will eat their meals in this room, so it also requires a serving table, benches etc. Your kitchens will be assigned to cook meals for the nurseries as if they were canteens.

= Modding API (continued)
  • Added world and world cell data variables to the scripting API. This includes getting the size of the world, time index, etc. Setting these variables, however, is currently unsupported.
  • A new interface scripting API has been included as well. Mods can now add, remove, and change buttons in the BiographyWindow (shown when you select a non-prisoner object in the world), with callbacks to it's script.
  • Modding in escape mode has also been improved by allowing player interaction on scripted objects. A callback to the script is given when the player is close to an object and interacts with it.

- General performance enhancements, especially to laundry system.

- New Translations: Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Thai

- Bug Fixes

  • Needs.txt not loaded in correct order when using mods
  • 0010162: [Gameplay] Surrendering in escape mode causes insane amounts of rep points / surrendering doesn't work
  • 0010309: [Control & User Interface] [Prison Architect] Crash when opening confidential informant window

Update 1 (13 Nov 2015)  

We're back!
Mark and Chris talk about their feelings, before taking a look at update 1.
Tweaks to escape mode, fine grain control over prisoner intake and most importantly multiple occupancy cells and BUNK BEDS!

Full Change List

= Shared Cells
  • New room type: Dormitory
  • New furniture: Bunk Beds

A Dormitory can house any number of prisoners, based on the number of beds installed. Dormitories can be small eg 2x3, replacing the normal Cell, allowing for two or more inmates to share a cell together Or Dormitories can be large, with shared showers, toilets, phones, tvs, recreational facilities etc. Better facilities will result in a higher room grading, which will have a positive effect on your inmates

= Prisoner Intake (continued)

There are now several different modes of Intake that can be set for your prison
Choose your mode from the Intake report

No inmates will be brought to your prison
Inmates will be brought into your prison when available, until your available capacity is full
You set the total number of prisoners desired, and the Intake system works to fill that number
You choose the number of prisoners to bring in each day (The old method)
All available prisoners will be brought in every day
= Escape mode (continued)

Escape mode was deemed too easy and unbalanced, and several features have been nerfed.

  • Damage done to a prison and its staff is now repaired automatically, once the player surrenders or is knocked out.
    • All staff killed are replaced with new hires
    • All fires are extinguished
    • Burnt down walls now get construction jobs created to replace them
  • All ranged weapons now have limited ammo.
    Nb you can press G to drop the current weapon.
    • Shotgun : 6 shots
    • Pistol : 6 shots
    • Tazer : 1 shot
    • Assault rifle : 30 shots
  • If you steal an item from a room, there is now a three hour timer before that item can be stolen again from that room. This will put a stop to whole teams of escapees stealing knives from the kitchen. Nb these timers end instantly when the player surrenders or is knocked out.
  • Reputations rebalanced
    • Skilled fighter: chance to disarm opponent now reduced to 20% per hit, down from 30%
    • Extremely deadly: chance to kill reduced to 15% per hit, down from 30%
    • Ranged weapons are no longer made more powerfull by the Strong/Deadly reputations
    • Ranged weapons no longer disarm opponents when the attacker has the Skilled Fighter rep
  • Improved game over screen to stack up victims in the same way as the intake report's prisoner preview.
- Gangs rebalanced

Rebalanced the chances of gang members and leaders arriving, to make gangs a more likely occurance.

  • Doubled the chances of receiving gang members at intake
  • The chance of an incoming gang member being a leader is now much higher
  • The probability of receiving a gang leader also increases as the size of the gang increases.

- New translations

Greek, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese

  • no more saving on escape mode gameover screen
  • Items still loaded on trucks dont get search jobs during shakedown
  • deployment menu has the correct default selected based on your research
  • fog of war turns on sooner on GABOS level
  • error sound only plays once when unable to afford objects

Version 1 (6 Oct 2015)  

Thank-you. It's taken us five years of development and three years in early access, but we have made it. Introversion Software in conjunction with every single gamer who joined in our alpha is proud to present Prison Architect V1.0

V1 contains a ton of bug fixes, escape mode, story mode, multiple languages, customisable wardens, achievements and a ton of other stuff to get you back in the warden's chair

You helped made this happen - take a moment to think about that ;)

Full Change List

= Campaign Story

The perfect place to start for new players.

  • Chapter 1 : Death Row (The Introduction from the Alpha)
  • Chapter 2 : Palermo
  • Chapter 3 : GABOS
  • Chapter 4 : Conviction
  • Chapter 5 : Bootstraps
= Escape Mode

You can now load any prison, and attempt to escape from it, in this brand new game mode. Steam customers can load any Steam Workshop prison, or even use the 'Random' button to be sent to a random steam workshop prison. (Experimental) There is a 'HELP' button that you can click on, in the bottom right of the screen.

Use WASD to move around, and aim with the mouse.

  • You can steal weapons and tools from all the rooms you'd expect.
  • Stash your contraband to avoid being caught
  • Earn Reputation points by starting fights and smashing up furniture.
  • You will receive bonuses for knocking people unconcious, and additional bonuses for kills.
  • Spend those points to upgrade your character with any of these reputations:
    You hit harder
    You can take more hits
    You have a chance to kill with one hit
    You can run faster (hold SHIFT)
    Nearby prisoners will fight when you do
    Skilled Fighter
    You can disarm opponents
  • You can also spend rep points to recruit other prisoners to your group. They will follow you around and will assist during fights.
  • If you have a digging tool you can dig an escape tunnel from the toilet in your cell.
  • Win the game by escaping with your entire team.
= Collectables

There are two types of collectable item in the game. As you discover them they will be added to the Extras menu.

  • Polaroids : All story based polaroids. Some are shown during cutscenes. Some only occur in the sandbox and must be found.
  • Game Bible : The game design notebook has been scanned and can now be found throughout your prison. Keep your eyes out for scraps of paper on the floor within the sandbox. Click on those scraps to unlock another page.
= Special Wardens

You can now select from one of six wardens, when creating a new prison. Each Warden brings a special ability to the game.

The Warden
The default warden, offers no special abilities.
The Lobbyist
Halves likelyhood of Violent/Lethal/Deadly inmates arriving.
Diminishes effect of Stoical / Fearless. Doubles effect of Suppression.
J. W. Periwinkle
Guard dogs have a 50% chance to immediately uncover tunnels
The Pacifier
Permanent 25 point reduction in prison temperature
Saphara Acknova
Corruption! Receives a backhand payment for all contraband found
= Translations

We are working to translate the game into as many languages as possible. More languages will be coming in the first update.

We currently have translations for: English, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese

- Education grant (continued)

The education grant has been rebalanced and made easier. You now need 10 prisoners to pass the foundation course, and 1 prisoner to pass the general education course.

- Event System (continued)

The event system has been rebalanced and is now much less destructive. Specifically, the 'politician demand' event and the 'Virus outbreak' event have been nerfed. Events occur far less frequently. Many other small tweaks to make the event system better.


Hundreds of fixes and improvements were added in the run up to v1.0. In addition, the following Mantis bugs were fixed:

  • 0002935: [Gameplay] Guard dogs kill prisoners (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009914: [AI & Behaviour] Doctors Wont Heal Sick Prisoners. (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009911: [Gameplay] 'Virus Outbreak' event is near 'unbeatable' (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009970: [Gameplay] Perimeter walls cannot be rebuilt after events (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0005691: [Graphics] Unconscious prisoners appear as a black box on screen when in a medical bed. (supersampling fault?) (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009954: [Save & Load] Virus outbreak not saved (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009931: [Control & User Interface] Gang members not displayed in gang view (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0008149: [AI & Behaviour] Dead parole lawyer won't be taken away from morgue to hearse (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009891: [AI & Behaviour] Dead prisoners pile up in Infirmary (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009924: [AI & Behaviour] Prisoners developing extra hands during combat when handcuffed - (and killing an impossibly high number of gaurds) (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009826: [Other] Internal Clock error (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0006453: [Other] Bankruptcy timer runs out in less than 24 hours (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0007397: [AI & Behaviour] Lockdown/Solitary timers run at different rate to game clock (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009912: [Gameplay] Federal witness countdown is lost after reloading game (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009926: [Graphics] Empty tray being fed (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009938: [Graphics] Maximum Safe Capacity unreadable (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009915: [AI & Behaviour] Sick prisoners are completely ignored by doctors and paramedics (Icepick) - resolved.
  • 0009890: [Gameplay] federal witness in death row (Icepick) - resolved.

Click here for the Alpha Builds
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