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introversion software

chris delay

The creative force behind Introversion, Chris is the lead designer and developer of our games and runs the website.

andy bainbridge

Co-author of Darwinia, Andy is the newest member of the team and brings with him years of programming and game development experience.

tom arundel

Tom is in charge of new markets for our existing projects (other languages and platforms) and also handles the accounts.

mark morris

Mark brings significant project management skill to Introversion Software, and acts as the overall Director.


Our company was founded in June 2001 by Chris, Mark and Tom, straight out of University.
We have one previous game, the cult hacker simulator Uplink, released in October 2001.
You can visit our company website at



alistair lindsay

Alistair is something of an industry veteren in the audio field, with a long list of game credits to his name. Alistair has had a direct influence in the creation of our audio engine from the start and the results are stunning.

michael maidment

Mike works closely with Alistair to produce the audio you hear in game. He's the only guy we know who would think to sample a broken analogue synth and make a Virii sound from the result.


Darwinia is being created by Chris Delay and Andy Bainbridge.
Work began in May of 2002.
Sound Design and Production by Alistair Lindsay and Micheal Maidment.
Music by Trash80.
Intro Theme Music by Mathieu Stempell (Dma-Sc).
Additional Music by Paul Slocum.
Starring Peter Hutchison as Dr Sepulveda,
and Maddie the Cat as the voice of the Darwinians.

Additional shapes and models by Kelvin Liew and Michelle Jones.
Additional graphic design by Jo Stansfield.
Mac and Linux ports by John Knottenbelt.
Produced by Introversion Software.

Beta Tested by the Introversion Community . Demo Testers . Full Game Testers .

This website was created and is maintained by Chris Delay.
Additional website coding by John Knottenbelt and Mark Morris.
Additional design work by Jo Stansfield.
Based on the Cobalt theme by Jakob Persson



Produced by Introversion Software . Contact us here