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souls and engineers

Once you have killed some of the enemy Virii using your Squads, you will notice that they leave behind small diamond shaped things called Souls.

These Souls were once Darwinians, before they were corrupted by the Virus. They can be converted back into Darwinians, but first they need to be collected.
Engineers are used to collect Souls, amounst other things. Engineers are created in the same way as Squads.
Hold ALT to access the Task Manager, then draw the Engineer gesture. Click in one of the highlighted spawn areas to place your Engineer within the world.
Left Click on the landscape near some Souls and the Engineer will make his own way over there, and begin collecting them.

In order for those Souls to be converted back into Darwinians, they must be taken to an Incubator by the Engineer.

Most of the Incubators in Darwinia are offline due to the Viral Infection. The Engineer will reprogram any Incubators he sees nearby by accessing their nearby Control Tower.


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