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  Event Date Confidence
Patch 1.42 Release (mac OSX) May 2006 Done
Patch 1.42 Release (Windows) March 2006 Done
Steam official launch (v1.4) December 14th 2005 Done
Steam preload begins December 1st 2005 Done
Patch 1.3 Release (linux) November 2005 Done
Demo 2 Release (linux) November 2005 Done
Patch 1.3 Release (windows) September 2005 Done
Demo 2 Release (windows) September 2005 Done
Begin Demo2 Test August 22nd 2005 Done
Begin Patch 1.3 Test August 2005 Done
Introversion Online Store July 19th 2005 Done
Patch 1.2 (Mac OSX) July 2005 Done
Patch 1.2 (Linux)
May 2005 Done
Patch 1.2 (Windows)
April 2005 Done
Full Release (Mac OSX) March 2005 Done
Demo Release (Mac OSX) March 2005 Done
Web Release (Linux)
March 2005 Done
Demo release (Linux)
March 2005 Done
Shop Release (windows UK)
March 4th 2005 Done
Web Release (windows)
March 4th 2005 Done
Demo release (windows)
January 2005 Done
Pre orders accepted
January 2005 Done
Begin Phase 2 beta test November 2004 Done
Begin Phase 1 beta test
September 2004 Done
Posters begin shipping
August 2004 Done
Complete Doom III
August 2004
Beta test submissions June 2004 Done
Website design completed June 2004 Done
Placeholder website available May 2004 Done
Public announcement April 2004 Done



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