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steam launch video

We made this video as part of the launch of Darwinia onto Steam. It's a couple of minutes long, and its the best video we've ever made of Darwinia being played. It's amazing how long it can take to edit 110 seconds of footage!

Music created by Timothy Flynn

steam promo video
640x480, 25fps
format : WMV
filesize : 52Mb (can stream)

Screenshots from the video:


old videos

We have two gameplay videos for download here. The first is 30 seconds in length, the second is 60 seconds in length. You will need Apple Quicktime installed to view these videos. The videos show some wicked in-game combat, and the longer video demonstrates the gesture system in action.


30 second video
320x240, 25fps
format : quicktime

filesize : 12.8mb

60 second video
320x240, 25fps
format : quicktime
filesize : 23.9mb


Screenshots from the videos:



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