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The Next Game

Run by Introversion community veteren Icepick, The Next Game is the premier site for finding Mods for Darwinia. There are many groups of people who are engaged in producing mods for our game and this is the site where they are all listed.

You'll find a list of all existing mods along with downloads, as well as news about upcoming projects and mods that are in production.


There is also an extensive list of Mods in development in this Forum Thread:

Mod List


shapes files and exporter

3d Studio MAX shape files

This zip file contains all of the models created for Darwinia, in their original 3ds MAX file format. They load with no problems in 3ds MAX 5, which is the version we used. You can use our shape exporter (below) to make changes to these files and re-export them into the game for use in your own mods. Note some of the shapes in this zip weren't used in the final game.

These shapes were created by Michelle Jones, Kelvin Liew, and Chris Delay.

Version: 1.2
Filesize: 1.58Mb


3ds MAX Shape Exporter

In order to use the 3d shapes we modelled in MAX we had to write our own shape exporter. All of the .shp files included in the finished game came from exporting the shapes direct from 3ds max using our exporter, which you can download here.

To install this plugin in 3ds max 5, download the file and place it in the 3dsmax5\plugins folder. Fire up 3ds max, load one of our shapes, click File -> Export, and select "FutureWar Shape" as the file type.

Version: 1.2
Filesize: 32Kb



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