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pc gamer October 2005

A wonderfull two page article written by Tom Francis, practically begging readers to buy Darwinia. Scans coming soon.


pc gamer January 2005

Darwinia showed up on a number of pages of this issue, but these are the most prominent. The left article is a page from their preview of 2005, including an interview with Chris from Introversion. The right article shows once again the power of guerilla marketting, with Darwinia scaling the Readers Most Wanted chart and arriving in 2nd place, just behind GTA:SanAndreas and just ahead of Halo2.



Edge magazine November 2004

A fantastic six page article about Introversion Software and the game Darwinia, and even a little box-out about our first game Uplink, written by Margaret Robertson for Edge Magazine. Based on our demo during the Future Publishing Visit, and an interview with Chris, Mark and Tom over a few pints after the EGN trade show.


These images are Copyright Future Publishing, made available here with their generous permission.


PC Gamer UK November 2004
A two page article about Darwinia written by Tim Edwards, based on a playable demo we showed him during our Future Publishing Visit. There was also a selection of screenshots taken by PC Gamer on the coverdisk.


These images are Copyright Future Publishing
Made available here with their generous permission


PC Gamer UK June 2004

A two page scoop including an interview with Introversion, written by Tim Edwards
Read the full text of the interview here.


There was also a promotional video of the game on the coverdisk
If you can't get it working you need the xvid codec.


PC Gamer UK May 2004

A half page news article about Darwinia.


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