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computer gaming world december 2005

"It's part Lemmings, part Cannon Fodder, part Tron... and a whole hell of a lot of fun."




hyper august 2005

"Darwinia is almost the visual antithesis of everything we've been led to belive a mordern commercial game is suppose to be.""




NAG april 2005

"Unique and inspirational. An unforgettably rare experience."

"The industry wallows in mediocrity - contented overfed pigs rolling in their own stagnant creations. Meanwhile, small self-publishing indie developer Introversion quietly raises a bar the malignant industry didn’t know it had."




australian gamepro

"For the gamer veterens out there, Darwinia is a frosty drink of water in the desert."




pc gamer (UK) march 2005

"The most artistically exciting PC game ever."

"Incredibly original, gobsmackingly gorgeous."

"Darwinia will remind you why you love gaming so much."




pc format (UK) march 2005

"This game proves the 'genre' box is just a testament to most developers' lack of imagination."

"A new classic - it will challenge every gaming instinct you have."




linux format august 2005

"Fun, friendly, original, and wholly Linux compatible. This is the most innovative release we've seen in years."




gamesmaster magazine (UK)
"This game resembles nothing you've ever seen before."  



pc games magazine (Hungary)

"Simply beautiful, beautifully simple..."




pc zone (UK) april 2005
"its a rather sorry state of affairs that Introversion Software (a tiny self publishing indie developer) is attempting to moves things forward - firstly with Uplink and now with Darwinia, while much of the industry wallows in mediocre rip-off's."

"has its own unique style that typifies the very best in indie development, and means it can more than compete with the bigger guns."





"I'm in love with all the references, the gorgeous aestethics, the intelligent programming, the attitude and the fact that Introversion does whatever they want and doesn't take any shit. The game is almost as good."

"The game sounds organic, alive, almost as if the game world boiled with life. It's at times, a scary soundscape that it creates. It sounds as I imagine it would if an electric monster ate code."

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the guardian newspaper (UK) march 2005

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edge magazine (UK) march 2005

"Sony has been struggling for ten years to invent a character with the immediate recognition factor and the charm of the flat outline of a Darwinian."

"An unforgettable world...a story which is as compelling as it is simple."

"That in some places it falls short of its ambitions is not what makes this game important."

Scans reprinted here with kind permission from Edge Magazine



games tm(UK) issue 30

"A unique and refreshing experience"

"Darwinia is proof that you don't need huge budgets and flashy visuals to make a decent title; you just need a good idea and the brains/guts/vision/faith (delete as appropriate) to see it through."




jeux vidéo Micro (France)




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