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game brains

"It's the screaming that gets you. Most videogame characters expire with cartoonish grunts and moans. Darwinians go out with a terrible, blood-curdling noise that makes you think that in their moment of death they are each vocalizing the deep existential horror that comes with the instant realization of one's forthcoming non-existence."

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tech connect magazine

"It's cutting-edge entertaiment that harkens back to the early days of gaming, and propels the concept of digital entertainment far beyond anything published by any major label in recent memory."

"This game is not a sequel, it does not belong to a franchise, and it refuses to be categorized. It's not a shooter, a strategy game or an adventure. It's all of the above, and then some: it's an experience that will make you believe in gaming again."

"The game's sound production is a study of 8-bit retro surround mastery."

"here comes a game that dares to do things differently, and that manages to do them with style and efficiency, sticking its 8-bit finger out the window at the mass of overgrown blockbusters that is leaves in the dust."

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dubious quality

"Darwinia was developed by Introversion Software, who obviously didn’t get the memo about innovation dying in game development. They have developed one of the most conceptually beautiful, visually striking games ever made. A decade from now, it will still be mentioned in reverent tones, a game so good that it is beyond time."

"In a word: sensational. It's the best PC game so far this year, and there isn't a second place...Darwinia is a triumph, the stunning result of untethered imagination."

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BBC Collective

"Immediately, Darwinia is a refreshing, appealing experience..."

"Imagine something somewhere between Rez, Pikmin and the Genesis sequence in Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan, and you'll get some idea of Darwinia. It's retro, wilfully geeky and unique."

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