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"This is a subtle, complicated strategy game; one with a structure that you can pick up in minutes, but with a depth of play that will surprise you....Old school graphics combined with a modern rendering engine. Old school gameplay combined with sophisticated level design. Recommended."

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just adventure

"Invention is the art of nailing two things together which have never been nailed together before. Introversion Software, a small independent developer from the UK, has taken several old gaming classics and combined them into a new, fresh and highly addictive gaming experience."

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"Darwinia gives us an impression just how much is really wrong with mainstream games. If four people can make a game like this then why do teams consisting of dozens of people develop the same crap every year?"

"An awesome experience and a really fresh game with gameplay never seen before that still fits together... This is what games should be like."

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"Darwinia is a game unlike any other, with a mixture of gameplay elements that have been thrust together forming one glorious gameplay experience that has to be played to be believed."

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"This is the kind of game that everyone should at least experience for themselves and that any self-respecting gamer really should have as part of their collection. In a world where the franchise and licensed product reigns supreme and gigantic publishers stride around with an arrogantly regurgatative attitude towards games development that is steadily stripping gaming of any sense of wonder that it once had, (breathe) it is so utterly refreshing to play a title such as Darwinia."

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game axis

"To me, this game gets my utmost respect, and even more so towards the developers, who by sheer tenacity have produced an intelligent and compelling game without resorting to marketing gimmickry, licensed properties or bandwagon-esque features. Instead, what you find here is originality in droves, and that dear readers, is something that our beloved industry desperately needs to evolve, and what we urge you to experience."

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"gameplay that is as near perfect as can be found."

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"Forget games with real-time physics. This is one has real-time metaphysics."

"It's this year's underground classic, this year's Rez, this year's Ico, this year's... well, this year's Darwinia. It's a game that justifies your sense of your brilliance and gaming' sense of brilliance."

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"Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to this game. I’ve played a great deal of games in my day, and I cannot remember when a game was more original than this."

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all about games

"Darwinia stands out because it's completely unique; a project whose approach has not only never been done before, but is unlikely to be repeated again."

"It's a game every PC gamer should own, not matter what genre interests you; the masterpiece from the independent developer will be one to remember in the era of many mediocre mainstream games from the big publishers."

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total video games

"The way the game adds small increments – a new move or weapon or task has been brilliantly devised and all the time you are playing you get help and feedback from a chap that looks not unlike Mr Clive Sinclair – you have to have been around in the 8 bit days to appreciate this."

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"Darwinia is a masterpiece of gaming and a tribute to how innovative indie game developers can be."

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"Darwinia is one of the most unique games that I have played in a while. If you are looking for a unique game that isn’t just a “cookie cutter” of the most popular game out there, then look no further than this game. You will not regret it."

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"The game is both simple fun and a unique blend of wonderful. It reminds me of the good old days when creativity reigned over marketing ploys and safe choices. Darwinia is a great argument for keeping games in the hands of creative developers with good ideas."

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game guru mania


"Darwinia is a brilliant and addictive experience that's unlike anything you've played before."

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cosmos gaming

inside mac games

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"It's the game Peter Molyneux has been threatening to write all these years, but never quite managed."

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pro-g prodigious gaming

"It's a game that begs to be discovered, and once its subtleties are revealed, it's an absolute joy to play."

"This is a game that deserves your attention, and despite its flaws, is one of the most refreshing titles to hit the PC in years."

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game cell

"Darwinia has a beating heart of pure gameplay"

"you find yourself in the possession of a true gaming masterpiece. Darwinia comes highly recommended."

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game heckler UK

"Darwinia is like an intravenous soma drip-feed directly to your pleasure centres."

"Introversion Software are both British and trailblazing. Let them reforge this increasingly exhausted industry. You will never have seen an overall game aesthetic quite as luxurious and perfect. The game mechanics are pure retro dynamite and convey the fluidity of the classics with perfect sheen. The genre-blending makes for a game paced, captivating, vexing and wholly charming."

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"Darwinia is really charming, and a charismatic piece of art for the veterans and the curious gamers."

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game shark

"What really ramps up the level of tedium though is the fact that none of your units seem to have anything even approaching a sensible level of AI, which pretty much means you have to be constantly shepherding them around."

" the end of the day, we’re left with a fairly annoying RTS title full of niggling and frustrating bugs, poor design decisions, and pathfinding that has dripped directly from the nose of Satan himself."

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