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Here are a couple of advert concepts that have been worked up to finished quality.

The advert on the left is a Trade magazine advert, which means it is designed for Retail shops and not for customers (to be printed in Trade magazines like MCV). Which is why the advert is trying to convince you to stock up on copies of the game. The advert on the right is our design for a Consumer ad, ie one which will be appearing in conventional games magazines soon.

All of the adverts on this page were designed by James Ashwood from Nipper Advertising, and are reprinted here with his kind permission.



We've also messed around with a ton of other advert concepts, and you can see some of the better ones here. These are just rough ideas, hence the typos, mistakes, and general roughness of their presentation. But we thought they might be of interest to you. Again these were all created by James Ashwood.




Iris sent us this wicked poster/advert shortly before release day and it sat in Chris's inbox for ages. But we thought it was so cool we just had to print it here.



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