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development (part 6 of 6)

[May 2004] With all ten levels blocked out and playable, work began on bringing everything up to finished quality. With a clear goal in sight, work proceeded much more smoothly. The Containment level was built and finally put an end to the cold red landscapes of before, replacing them with lovely warm tones that created a much richer appearance. The game is announced in PC Gamer magazine (a full 2 years after starting work) and some of our screenshots were published. At last we had the final look for the game, and the final gameplay was pretty much locked down as well. By now we were in full stride, with each day bringing awesome features to the game and a real feeling that we had something special on our hands.

[August 2004] Introversion Software began demonstrating the game to the British gaming press around this time, armed with a demo that included just the Mine level. By this point the Mine level in our demo looked indentical to the Mine level in the finished game. In fact, most of the game was now starting to look pretty finished, aside from couple of the later levels which hadn't even been started. Aiming for a Christmas release, Introversion Software buckled down and worked hard to try to bring everything together.

Beta testing of the game began around September, and coding was completed during January of 2005, which of course meant we missed our Christmas release deadlines. In total Darwinia was in development for just over 1000 days, making it one of the longest projects any of us have ever worked on. We really do hope it was worth it in the end.



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