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day in the life of a bedroom programmer

Filmed using a time-lapse video camera, this interesting and slightly disturbing video shows Chris hard at work during a marathon 8 hour coding session, just a couple of weeks before the Gold master submission of the finished game. The camera was set to take one frame every 15 seconds, and we've edited it down for length. You're seeing an entire day's worth of work taking place in 3 minutes.


3mins 30secs, 320x240, 25fps
Codec: xVid
Filesize: 14.7Mb



alternative intro music

Our chief sound guy Alistair Lindsay always intended to replace the "placeholder" intro theme music (written by DMA-SC) with his own composition, but due to time constraints this job was pushed all the way back until the final week of audio production. We'd been using DMA-SC's track "Visitors from Dreams" for so long that we'd grown to love it, and when we overlaid Alistairs new intro theme music over the top it just didn't sound right to us. We felt that Alistair's composition was too clean and well engineered for Darwinia (a testament to Alistair's skill) and we preferred the brutal artifact laden sound of Visitors from Dreams in all its 8-bit glory.

Nevertheless, here is the alternative intro music for you to try out. You'll need to know how to use Darwinia's mod system to run this intro. Download the file and extract it into your darwinia/mods folder. Set your mod variable to "AltIntroMusic". Set your bootloader variable to "firsttime". Then run the game and enjoy!

Filesize: 1.44Mb



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