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darwinia launch party

4th March 2005, West Hamstead, London

Introversion Software organised a party to celebrate the launch of Darwinia on this day, to be held in Marks/Toms/Johnnys flat in West Hamstead, London. This was the first party we've ever really run for the company, since Uplink's launch was much less high profile, and the USA launch of Uplink occurred in a different country and always felt quite distant. This was the first time we've felt we actually had something tangible to celebrate.

On the guest list were all of the people who worked on the game, everyone from Introversion Software (all 4 of us hehe), a bunch of beta testers, all of our friends from around the country, and quite a few more. The flat was definately getting quite packed by late evening...we actually invited far more than we knew we could fit into the flat, based on the certain knowledge that a lot of people wouldn't turn up even if they said otherwise (it is a house party after all :)

Before most of the guests arrived we had the less than fascinating job of covering one entire wall in Darwinia post cards in such a way as to create a massive shrine to our latest game. It really did look quite spooky with all the lights turned down low. Thankfully Rkiver and NeoThermic arrived early and helped us setting it up.

We had a selection of fantastic DJs playing some great tunes throughout the evening on a rented pair of decks and amp/speaker combo clearly designed for a considerably larger venue than our living room. You've got to laugh really. We had no less than four seperate DJs, all old friends of ours from the University days, and we were also very happy to discover that our Ads guy James Ashwood was himself accomplished on the decks and managed to turn the previously static living room into our very own nightclub for a while. Yes, we even have video evidence of the event...thanks to NeoThermic for providing these.

The party continued until well into the night, eventually grinding to a halt around 4.30am with numerous people unconcious (including one person actually outside the house..he'd made it all of 3 steps before collapsing :), mud all over the floor, broken glass and beer bottles everywhere. All the signs of a great party, which i'm sure it was, if only I could remember beyond midnight.

NeoThermic brought a ton of specially made Darwinia t-shirts along, which went down a storm. No doubt they will be worth millions in years to come. Most of the Introversion team were cornered and forced to sign various bits and pieces during the night, so Introversion Software is probably now entirely owned by one of the beta testers. Dr Sepulveda's entrance (otherwise known as Peter Hutchison in real life) clearly stunned a lot of people, since his face is now more well known than any of ours, and we're very pleased he was able to make it.

A clear yet dimmly remembered highlight, Deepsmeg fights Icepick in a Lightsaver versus Mop duel. Has to be seen to be truly understood. The video finishes early but one of the photos above reveals the victor. Thankfully no limbs were severed, and more importantly the deposit on the rented DJ gear was unnaffected, as I don't believe we were covered for lightsaber damage.

All in all, a great party, and a great way to celebrate the launch of our game. It's also been a great way to draw a line under Darwinia for us, since here at Introversion our personal calenders only extended as far as March 4th, and we're quite suprised the world actually continued the next day. Thanks to everyone who came...and we're looking forward to <the next party> !



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