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Before Darwinia was public we did attempt to shop it around some publishers, to see what kinds of deals would be available and if they would work to our advantage. As part of that process we put together this 6 page promotional document, printed on lovely ring-bound double-sided card. They really did look awesome. We even had a mini-cd tacked to the back of the promo pack with videos and (eventually) a demo for people to try out.

This doc is aimed at publishers and investors, so there is a certain bullshit factor involved, but we think it's still a very cool representation of the game. It served its purpose in that it secured us a number of demonstrations with some major publishers and got us into the door at a lot of very respectable places that wouldn't normally have listened to us.

So for a number of months the three of us travelled all around the country with the biggest and heaviest laptop you have ever seen, armed with the latest demos of the game and our carefully constructed powerpoint presentations explaining what a great investment we were. Of course, none of them were interested in taking Darwinia after we'd finished our demonstrations, but that's another story :)

Like we give a fuck.


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