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The Daily Jesus
By Jeremiah Rove

O hearken flock of our lord. There is a new threat to our very way of life, coming yet again from that isle known as Britain. The so called 'digitulus deus', Dr Sepulveda, has created 'life' without a married white women, this cannot stand!

This 'genius' brags about creating life, this is blasphemy, since only our lord can create life where there is none, through glorious conception as our messiah Jesus. To follow this chain of thought would be to say this 'life' is our new lord! Devil worship! How are those sticks with 2 bit arms and those random fractals alive?

Show me emotion, show me flesh and blood, and I shall show you the glorious heaven. But for this doctor and all who agree with him all they will find is sodomy and fire! Sodomy I say! As Matthew 7:11 says, 'Judge not yest ye be judged,' I say, bring it on! We are good clean Christian American Folk! We have nothing to hide, while that damn Brit has set himself up as our lord!

This craziness must be stopped in only one possible way, burning down the doctor's lab, destroying his Protologic 68000's, and by lynching him. After all, it is our God given right to persecute all those who worship the wrong God(s), or by worshipping the Lord badly. Now is the time for a new spiritual awakening. Now I say, before more of our flock stray and are consumed by Beelzebub and his fiery minions!



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