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Darwinia and the Evolution of Post Nuclear Military Thought

by Lt. Colonel Clive Furnvitz
Excerpt from The Monthly Military Standard

The recent advent of Darwinia has led to a reevalution of military thought. Previously, whenever a tank was blown up on the battlefield, whenever a plane was shot down, whenever a soldier was unfortunately evisercerated, there was no getting them back. Of course, you could always enstate a draft, but then those damn long haired hippy nancy boys always whip out their guitars and start singing cumbaya.

This is no longer a problem in Darwinia, the new digital world created by the quantum resonance networking of Dr. Sepulveda's Protologic 68000's. In this new world, religion mixes with science to create logical and advanced reencarnation. This is the real deal, not that Buddhist/scientologist/Zen crap.

Now, whenever your unquestionably loyal Darwinians find their pixels blown out by those red (undoubtedly Communist) virus bastards, you can always get them back.

That's right folks, now you can harvest the spirits, or souls for all you religious types, of fallen Darwinians. Then, ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, you get some fresh, advanced, and undeniably perky Darwinians. Unfortunately, sometimes Darwinians simply are not enough. That's when it is time to call for the cavalry, so to speak. Whether it be Insertion Squads or grenades or airstrikes (good for blowing the crap out of those viri bastards).

In short, Darwinia represents a new type of military strategy. Say good bye to the draft, Darwinians are here!


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