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Welcome to the Support pages for Darwinia. If you are having any problems this is where you will find the help you need to solve your problem.

First things first, download the latest patch for the game here. The latest patch (1.5.11) provides additional content with support for DirectX 9c. DirectX can be downloaded from here and must be installed for 1.5.11 to work. If you prefer using OpenGL, you should install patch 1.42. The version shipped on the retail CD is v1.0. If you have that version installed you should download this patch and apply it immediately. You can see the version number currently installed by pressing ESC in-game to bring up the Main Menu, then click on Options, then Other Options. The version number will be displayed in the options panel.

NOTE : If you purchased Darwinia via STEAM this patch will be applied automatically.

Patch v1.5.11 (Direct X 9c)
Released 18th June 2007

A full list of changes can be found here.

OpenGL Users should download patch 1.42 here:

Windows users please clice here to get patch 1.42
users please click here to get patch 1.3.
Mac OSX users please click here to get patch 1.42.

To install the patch, simply unzip the downloaded zip file into your Darwinia directory. It will replace several files and will patch you up to the latest version.

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