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problems with Linux

How do I install the Linux version of the game?

The game CD that you purchase from our site or from the UK high-street contains only the Windows version of Darwinia. In order to install for Linux you must first purchase this Windows CD. You can then freely download this Linux patch and run it on your system. The patch will use the Game CD you have purchased and will install the game on your Linux system.

Compatible with Suse 9.1, Debian/Sarge and Debian/Sid, Redhat 9.0 or later, and most recent linux distributions.

Instructions for full game installation:
Put the game CD in the drive
The game will then be installed.


Patch 1.3.0 (Linux)
Released 5th November 2005
Filesize : 3.8Mb

This patch requires the full game CD to run
To read a complete list of changes click here.

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