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Defcon Client (Demo and Full Game included)

Included in this Download:

The Full Game Client,
and the fully playable DEMO

Filesize : 59Mb

Other versions

Mac OS X : Click here for the Demo

Linux : Click here


Demo Features and Limitations

You may play the single player Tutorial, and you may play a single player game against one AI opponent. (The full game permits six player games with any of those teams played by AI)

This demo has working multiplayer, over LAN and Internet.

You can set up any multiplayer game, but you can only have a maximum of two players in your game (The full game permits six player games). You may only play the Default game mode.

You can join any multiplayer game, but only if there are no Demo players already playing in that game, and only if the game is using the Default game mode.
In other words, only one Demo user may join any one game at any time.

You may specate any game of any size.

Demo Users may not play any of the advanced Game Modes: Office Mode, Diplomacy, Speed Defcon, Tournament Mode.

You can upgrade the Demo to the Full Game at any time - simply enter your purchased Authentication Key into the Demo Client and it will automatically upgrade. No further download is required.