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PC Format: Best Independent Game and Highest Body Count

DEFCON has won 2 awards from PC Format in the categories:

Best Independent Game
Highest Body Count


Way of the Rodent: Best Involuntary

yelp and Best Sound

Great news for us as DEFCON won its first awards last night at the Way of the Rodent bash in London. We were nominated for, and won, the following categories:

Best Involuntary yelp - Oops! Sorry New York!
Best Sound

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IGN Best of 2006

Defcon has won the IGN award for "Best Artistic Design", in their "best of 2006" article. Here's a quote:

"Good artistic design doesn't always mean packing in the most details or most effects. While many titles manage to get noticed by upping polygon counts and complex rendering technologies, other titles can wind up doing more with less. Such is the case with this year's winner, DEFCON. Introversion's game of nuclear-powered mutually assured destruction may not have the most impressive technical effects ever, but the overall design of the game is the most effective we've seen this year."

Defcon was also the Runner Up in "Best Strategy Game", "Best use of Sound" and "Best Online Game".

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CGV 2006: top 10 PC games

Defcon was mentioned in Computer and Videogames top 10 PC games list and had the following to say:

"Introversion's Defcon wouldn't win any awards for graphical achievement, but anyone who's played the game will know it's all about the gameplay. Inspired by the movie Wargames from the early 1980s, the title presented players with a top-down, 2D view of the world and found countries engaging in steadily escalating global warfare. And you won by killing the most people. It was especially brilliant it multiplayer, with immense satisfaction to be had from nuking the crap out of your opponents' major cities and watching the death toll climb - and them pounding their baked potatoes in anger if you happened to be playing it at office lunch time."

Read the full article : Game of the year has voted Defcon the game of the year, here is a quote:

"Millions of dead, mighty arms, super-stylish graphics - that's what a "Rebell" loves. Since the release of DEFCON there have been plenty of thermonuclear wars in our office, and the killing will surely go on. The courage of the people at Introversion seems to have paid off, as the British devs are already working on their fourth game. Good, because its possible those folks - the last of the bedroom programmers - form the most important studio in the gaming world."

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Next Gen's top 50 games of 2006

Defcon came in at nr. 21 at Next Gen's top 50 games of the year.

"Who wins when everybody dies? The answer is no one, because everybody’s dead. Think about that the next time you unleash a nuclear barrage in this, the most well-done and creepy independent-made game in a long while. Paying homage to the computer simulation in the Matthew Broderick film Wargames, the real-time strategy DEFCON is equal parts stark, tense, disturbing, and paranoia inducing. Best of all, it has guts enough not to sugarcoat things by making it seem like this kind of conflict is anything but a dead-end. "

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2006 Edge Awards

Defcon was the runner up in Edge Magazine's "Best Audio Design" category in their 2006 awards

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