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"DEFCON is fine testament to an independent developer willing to take a risk by creating games that tackle unusual ideas in thought-provoking, engaging and ultimately entertaining ways."

"Stark and foreboding, it feels like you’re at the centre of the Cold War even before a nuke has been fired."

"Refreshingly simple yet bursting with depth, DEFCON is enjoyable as both a quick blast as well as subtle strategic epic."

By Alex Simmons
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"Even though the main source of inspiration for Defcon is more than 20 years old, and Cold War paranoia is a thing of the past, the game feels disturbingly relevant, and much like developer Introversion's past work, Uplink: Hacker Elite and Darwinia, there's truly nothing else quite like it today."

By Ryan Davis
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"Like the greatest board games, its entry curve is small, its interface elementary, and its potential for strategic depth enormous. Oh, and despite barely grazing your 3D card, it's one of the best-looking PC games all year. When was the last time anyone could say that?"

By Matt Peckham
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Mod DB

"Suddenly, everyone opens fire. This isn't about being tactful or deceptive anymore. Now it is just a question of who can eliminate the most people first, suffering the least losses before the world itself fries under mankind's self-imposed destruction. The screen lights up like a Christmas tree, warnings flashing all over that missile silos are deploying their payload into the sky. Small, graceful arcs curve through the air as dozens, no, hundreds of nuclear missiles crash down on the unsuspecting people of the supposedly free worlds"

By JoeX111
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Bovine Conspiracy

"DEFCON is like a high quality porno film. It looks very pretty, has a
gradual build-up that adds to the tension, and then there's about 15-20
minutes of non-stop action with lots of white splotches of
the best multiplayer games released this year, easily."

By Derrick
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Games Radar

"The point of WarGames was that nuclear war is unwinnable, that every aggressor incurs unacceptable losses. The point of DEFCON is to do it anyway, and inflict even less acceptable losses on your friends"

By Tom Francis
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"Essentially, it's that famous scene in Wargames turned into a videogame. Except this time, there's none of that wimpy "Shall we play a game of tic-tac-toe" nonsense. Some nation's going home in an ambulance. Possibly literally, since everyone will be tiny radioactive dust."

By Kieron Gillen
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Way of the Rodent

"Defcon is a game for anyone who lay awake during the eighties paranoid about nuclear war. It poses the problem "what would I do in the case of nuclear war", and answers it thus: "boil". And indeed, the manual of Defcon and the load screens do go into astonishing detail about exactly how you'll die. The game doesn't really try to go for po-faced seriousness or irreverent gallows humour with the subject. It doesn't need to."

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"Introversion Software is the kind of company that not only would tackle the
issue of making global thermonuclear war entertaining but actually succeeds
in doing so. Defcon is a magnificent creation that is undoubtedly a dark
horse contender for best multiplayer game of the year."

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"To say we’re fans of Introversion’s previous titles is a bit like saying thermonuclear war would be a ‘bit bad’ for those who don’t particularly like the idea of death.

So it’s pleasing to be able to say that Defcon is a worthy contender for multiplayer title of the year, if not game of the year full stop. "

By Chris Pickering

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