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Game Developer Magazine, December 2006

An article about what went right and wrong in the development of DEFCON.

"The overall design of DEFCON was quite fuzzy for some time. We didn't know exactly where we were going with the game at the start and spent quite a lot of time playing with ideas and adding features to the game, which ultimately cluttered the display, making it very hard to follow what was going on."

VG Core, November 2006

An interview conducted by Cyguration for VG Core.

"You’ve read the review, but still want to know more? No problem, VG Core was on it. Following the success of their recent independent smash-hit, DEFCON, we had a couple of questions for the boys and girls at Introversion. "

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SFFworld, November 2006

An interview with Chris Delay, conducted by Simon Jones for SFFworld.

"DEFCON is your third game and probably your first game since becoming known by mainstream gamers and press. Did that add a new level of pressure that hadn’t existed with Uplink and Darwinia? "

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Games for Windows, October 2006

An interview with TROOJG from Dav.Mag.

"You'd think a hard-slaving guy who just spend the better part of a weekend sweating the release of his company's brand-new game might come across as a bit more boneweary. But no, Introversion's self-described creative/commercial mediator Mark Morris sounds positively jazzed, like he's the proudest parrent in the world."

Dev.Mag, October 2006

An interview with Mark Morris, conducted by Matt Peckham for Games for Windows.

"Recently, Dev.Mag was privileged enough to gain an audience with the people at Introversion - the self-confessed "bedroom programmers" responsible for indie gaming greats such as DEFCON and Darwinia."

Twithguru, October 2006

An interview with Chris Delay, conducted by Rob Wright for Twitchguru.

"TwitchGuru caught up with Chris Delay after DEFCON's explosive launch to talk about the new game, being an indie developer and making games in today's world."

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IGN UK, September 2006

An interview with Chris Delay, conducted by Alex Simmons for IGN UK.

"With its latest release, DEFCON, poised for pre-order on Steam, IGN sneaked inside the Introversion bunker for pre-strike briefing with lead developer Chris Delay."

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Gamasutra, September 2006

An interview with Mark Morris, conducted by Brandon Boyer for Gamasutra.

"Introversion's Mark Morris sat down with Gamasutra to discuss Defcon, keeping the 'bedroom programmer' spirit alive in today's corporate game world, and a possible handheld console version of Darwinia."

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Gameaxis, September 2006

An inteview with Chris Delay, conducted by Ismet Bachtiar for Gameaxis.

"Success definitely breeds success, so as the small independents are given a greater voice within the games industry and are awarded more creative control it will open many more doors for the budding indie developer."

MTV, September 2006

An interview with Thomas Arundel, conducted by Stephen Totilo at MTV News.

"If the game industry has an indie darling - a garage band that's made it (sort of) big without abandoning its digs - it would be the team at Introversion."

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Xtreme Gamer, August 2006

An interview with Chris Delay at Xtreme Gamer.

"Known for innovative games, Introversion is striving to apply their unique perspective on computer gaming to produce a nuclear war-themed game that is as fun to play as it is emotionally powerful."

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Edge Magazine, March 2006

A two page interview with Chris Delay, conducted by Margaret Robertson for Edge Magazine.

"As a high-concept, low content game, Defcon plays to Introversion's strengths. Like its forebears, the result is instantly recognisable and will age better than many grander titles."

Eurogamer, January 2006

A lengthy interview with Chris Delay, conducted by Kieron Gillen.

"What is it? It's That Bit In Wargames, You Know After The Machine Plays Tic-Tac-Toe With Itself When Old-Skool Graphics Of Nuclear Armageddon Flash Forth And Phrases Like Turkish Thrust Are Emblazoned Across The Screen And The World Ends One Hundred Times A Second Until The Computer Realises That War Is Bad And No-one Can Win But Hell! At Least It Looks Good, Oh Yeah, That Bit... but a game."

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TVG, November 2005

A interview with Chris Delay, conducted by Derek dela Fuente.

"Introversion, the Britsoft developer is unquie in many ways. It’s not their small size, nor the fact that one of the leading UK distributors Pinnacle support and distribute their games. Introversion are innovative and have an almost cult like following – the last of the “bedroom programmers”, a staple of the decliing Britsoft scene. "

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Game Overdrive

A interview with Game Overdrive.

"DEFCON and your previous games all seem to share a very retro style of art and a unified gameplay style that is reminiscent of retro gaming as well. What motivates this underlying theme which seems to be present in many of your titles?"

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