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PC Gamer, April 2007

"Do you suck at saying "u suck"? A gentleman is always three things:
1) Original
2) Grammatically correct and
3) A gentleman
Call foes something a bit unusual. They'll be thrown if they get it and revealed as an idiot in front of their peers if they don't.

PC Format, March 2007

Tired of being reduced to radioactive ash? Then read Tom Francis multiplayer guide to DEFCON.

Crave TV video review

Join Guy Cocker in his nuclear bunker as he tries to survive global thermal nuclear war for his video review of DEFCON at Crave TV.

Click to see the video.


PC Gamer, December 2006

Take PC Gamers quiz to see what your game death toll is.

"Ever since Pac-Man began brutally gobbling up the undead, the question of whether videogames are overly violent have haunted the world. We don't really care about that. Whats more interesting is how violent videogames are. How many imaginary people have fallen to your imaginary bullets? "