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PC Gamer UK, September 2006

A one page preview written by Tom Francis. Again they went for a lovely full-page screenshot.
"What's the sound of five million people dying? From your subterranean bunker, it's just a distant rumble."
Scans coming soon.


PC Format online, September 2006

Introversion Software visited Future Publishing recently, and delivered (almost) finished code for review. They've written an entry in their online blog about their experience.
"By 2pm every day, a hundred million people are dead. We couldn't be happier about it.
Welcome to Defcon.
Click here to read it.

PC Powerplay, April 2006

A four page preview by Andrew Gray.

Edge Magazine, March 2006

A one page preview.


PC Gamer UK, January 2006

A two page preview written by Tom Francis, printed over a lovely full-spread screenshot of America getting wiped out.
"Introversion are masters of tension and strategy...It's got a retro look to die for"