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This is the primary technical support and troubleshooting page for our game Defcon.
If you cannot find help here, you may want to consider looking in the forums or contacting us.

What kind of a problem are you experiencing?

Latest Patch Download
  Download the latest patch first - your problem may have been solved
Get the manual
  View and download the DEFCON manual
System requirements
  How good your computer needs to be in order to run Defcon
Defcon simply won't run
  Eg crashes on startup, directX problems, openGL problems
Performance Problems
  Eg low framerate
Authentication Key Problems
  Eg key doesn't work, key banned, key lost, "Key Unknown" error
Upgrading to the Full Game
  Eg entering your Authentication Key in-game
Networking problems
  Eg can't connect to games, can't host games, can't play online, Ports used
Steam Problems
  Eg Steam authentication fails, can't download from Steam