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Upgrading to the Full Game

This page describes how to use your Authentication Key to gain access to the Full Game.

Buy the game
Visit our store and put down your hard cash. We'll issue you an Authentication Key, which will look something like this:
Download the Defcon Client
There is only one Defcon download - the demo version is included in the main client. You can download the client from our Downloads page.
If you already have the Defcon demo installed you do not need to download any additional files.
Install and run the game
Fairly self explanatory really.
Enter your Authentication Key
The first time you run Defcon you will be asked for your Key - simply type it in.
If you already had Defcon installed in Demo mode, simply click on "Options" in the Main Menu, then on "Authentication". Delete the Demo key and enter your full key here.
Enjoy the full game!
Just make sure you lose the least.
My Authentication Key didn't work
Click here to view our Support pages for key problems.