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Defcon simply won't run

If you are experiencing a crash on startup, or an error message of some kind when attempting to run the game, these steps may help you.

Note: If you are able to run Defcon and reach the lobby, but you are Unable to start a new game, you should look in the Network Troubleshooting pages.


Install DirectX
Make sure DirectX9 or later is installed.
DirectX9 is included on the CD.
Alternatively you can download it from
Install the latest Graphics Drivers
Make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card:
NVIDIA (GeForce range)
ATI (Radeon range)
Running Windows Vista?
Defcon uses openGL, and the Vista openGL drivers aren't too good yet since Vista is still in Beta. You should try to download Beta drivers for your graphics card. At this time, only NVidia offer these.
Install the latest Sound Drivers
Ensure you have installed the latest drivers for your Sound Card.
Shut down any Sound Apps
Defcon requires access to your Sound Hardware. Ensure you are not running any other audio programs such as Winamp or Windows Media Player as these can interfere with Defcon.
Run Windows Update
Perform a Windows Update (from your Start Menu). This will update any old components on your computer and can solve many problems.