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This is the boring bit – but we’re told it really is quite important – so please bear with us. One reason for that is that, in the case of Prison Architect we are letting you play game whilst it is being developed and therefore isn’t finished – so there is a chance (a very good chance) it won’t work – yet. On the plus side you will get to see interesting things like prisoners' heads replaced with sprites which (hopefully) won’t be in the finished game.

We don’t want you getting all upset about that because we’ll try and make it work eventually and so this legal bit explains the bits and pieces around things like that.

Also we’re giving some of you the chance to create / influence the creation of content for Prison Architect and there will be opportunities for you to share ideas, opinions, thoughts and just communicate with us and each other. That means we need to make sure that you behave appropriately and don’t do anything that gets us into trouble.

Basically we don't want to go to the hole because we’re giving you early access to work in progress or because we are letting do the various cool things around our game.

So the terms below set out what you can and can’t do when you access or use the websites operated by us which include introversion.co.uk, all sub-domains thereof such as www.introversion.co.uk and forums.introversion.co.uk etc and all aliases such as www.prison-architect.com etc (which together are referred to as the "Website").

They also set out what you can and can’t do when you download, install our games. The games we make available (on the Website or otherwise) are subject to the applicable end user licence agreements and these are also set out below.

So to download, install and play any Introversion game you must accept the applicable Games EULA (below).

To use and access the Website and do the things that can be done through it you must accept the Website terms and conditions (“Terms”).

These govern your use of the Website

In addition if you want to buy anything through the Website– like one of the Prison Architect Tiers or some other merchandise that we sell – there are specific conditions for this.

Similarly, to use and access the forum sections of the Website and you must register and accept these Terms.

We take your privacy extremely seriously and strive to comply with the deluge of law which the European Union forces upon us. You may view our privacy policy below. Its quite simple really and we hope you understand. Its not our fault, I blame the bad guys that make the lawyers make us do it – they should be locked up – the bad guys, not the lawyers … though …

- Website Terms of Use (7th February 2017)
- Privacy Policy (6th June 2018)
- Uplink EULA (7th February 2017)
- Darwinia EULA (15th February 2017)
- DEFCON EULA (1st March 2017)
- Multiwinia EULA (15th February 2017)
- Prison Architect EULA (23rd January 2017)
- Uplink/Darwinia & Multiwinia/DEFCON Source Code EULA (15th February 2017)
- Scanner Sombre EULA (20 October 2016)
- Health and Safety Precautions (20 October 2016)

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