PC Format
“There’s much more to love about Multiwinia than its wry subtitle “Survival of the Flattest”.
PC Format

Dev Mag  
“While Multiwinia is perfect for those coffee-break games, the game really comes into its own when played at a LAN with lots of players on one huge map.
It is therapeutic to see armies upon armies of Darwinians duking it out across the gorgeous fractal world.”
PC Gamer - September 2008  
Ten minute lunch break multiplayer strategy, set in the gorgeous polygonal Darwinia universe...

PC Gamer
Games TM - July 2008
Once again, Introversion has stripped down the real-time strategy genre down to the bare essentials, ensuring the contests are mastered by the best tactician and not the player who can remember an endless list of complicated commands...

Games TM

Custom PC - August 2008
The mouse-drawing process for programs has now gone, as has the red virus of the original, which has been replaced with full Darwinian-on-Darwinian killing.

Custom PC

Total PC Gaming - June 2008
"Essentially, Multiwinia is all about fast and furious action-based gameplay... and blowing things up."

The spectacle of the Multiwinians at war is awe-inspiring and the labour of love with this game shines through every pixel.

Total PC Gaming

Xbox World 360 - May 2008
It's an important moment for Introversion and indeed an important moment for Xbox Live Arcade - the first game on the service born in the past which feels like a game from the future...

Xbox World 360

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