March 28th, 2008: London
Admittedly, it’s been on the rumour-mill for a while and quite possibly one of the worst-kept secrets in Introversion’s history, but recent events meant we thought it was time to end the speculation once and for all.

Three years on from Darwinia’s release on PC and we are really happy to confirm that Introversion is working with Microsoft to bring both Darwinia, and its next title Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest, onto the Xbox Live Arcade service.

Due for release in early Autumn 2008, both games will be released under one package called Darwinia+.

The move onto consoles marks a really exciting step forwards for us, as Chris Delay, our Creative Director, so aptly put today: “When we first started Introversion back in 2001, the idea of developing our games for a console seemed an impossible challenge, and whilst we have built a fantastic community around our PC games, and will continue to support that, it has always been our dream to take the next step and produce a console title.”

“Multiwinia is the natural conclusion of what we started with Darwinia way back in 2002 and with the launch of Live Arcade Microsoft has presented us with a fantastic opportunity to get onto a rung on the console ladder. We're really looking forward to introducing Darwinia+ to a whole new audience.”

We’ll be announcing more about Darwinia+ and Multiwinia in the upcoming months so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more announcements from our end…

February 22, 2007: London

The self-proclaimed ‘last of the bedroom programmers’, Introversion Software, confirmed rumours today that they are working on a multiplayer version of their hit title Darwinia for the PC. Multiwinia will combine elements of the award-winning Darwinia, with the addition of multiplayer support which will enable both co-operative and competitive battles between massive Darwinian armies. As well as the traditional single player mode, Multiwinia will offer a series of separate game modes, each with a number of unique levels offering a variety of new challenges.

“We’ve always known that Darwinia would naturally evolve into an incredible multiplayer game and right from day one I’d had visions of massive Darwinian armies converging for the ultimate Darwinian death-fest”, Chris Delay, creative director of Introversion Software said enthusiastically about the new project. “Multiwinia will be a great game, not only for those who knew and loved Darwinia, but also for complete newcomers.”

John Knottenbelt, takes on the role of lead designer of Multiwinia, in a tactical manoeuvre that will allow Chris Delay, technical director at Introversion to begin work on other new projects. John revealed some of the exciting new changes to the multiplayer experience: “We’ve created a new formation mode which will let you organise your Darwinians into ranks to create massive armies. In formation they’ll have greater firepower in the direction they’re facing, but virtually none from either sides or behind. It’s going to get pretty messy, requiring a whole new set of tactical skills from the gamer.”

Whilst fans of Darwinia will be pleased to note that the beautiful, fractal vista remains, the development team will also work on graphical upgrades that will ensure an even more visually incredible multiplayer experience. Multiwinia looks set to uphold, once again, Introversion’s mantra that great gameplay is not dependent on photorealistic graphics or a one-hundred strong team of artists, but a passionate commitment to original concepts and innovative design.

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