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Snappy Gamer
"Our all-time favourite RTS is Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 because it finds the perfect balance of complexity and simplicity. The tech trees aren’t too deep, and you don’t get bogged down in confusing statistics and micro management. You build your units and try to wipe out the other player as quickly as possible. The fun lies in trying to outsmart your opponent despite both of you knowing every single trick from the small repertoire available. Multiwinia takes this approach to real time strategy and strips it down even further, making every game a bare-bones battle of quick thinking and sneaky tricks. It’s great."
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"Introversion Software has already made a splash by producing original and innovative games that would be categorized as "unmarketable" by big publishers. No flashy multi-gigabyte graphics, very little in the way of story, just pure games where actual game mechanics are the driving force - not the flashy hero plastered all over game boxes and promotional posters. Unsurprisingly, the box art of Multiwinia is somewhat plain - a big flat humanoid form made out of pixels and the funny tagline, "Survival of the Flattest". Introversion's marketing-fu must be strong - it takes some skills to market a game with "flat pixel dudes" as main characters."

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Atomic Gamer    
"Even though it is more of an enhancement to Darwinia than a new game, Multiwinia is a worthwhile purchase if you enjoyed Darwinia and were left wanting more with the same theme. However, it would be a poor starting point if you haven't played the earlier game in the series. So, try out the demo if you've played Darwinia and see if you like Multiwinia. It is a quirky RTS that should convert those who try it."

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Game Chronicles    
"Do you remember as a kid how much fun you had making army men and tanks out of blocks? One thing's for certain – the developers of Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest do. In this sequel to 2005's cult classic Darwinia, you seek to conquer a pixilated world with square tanks, "Space Invaders" style bombers, laser cannons, and hordes of stick men."

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Custom PC    
"Multiwinia is genuinely original and innovative, with fantastic little touches and a great visual style, but the over-reliance on random elements ruins the overall enjoyment. Comparing Multiwinia to Introversion’s earlier classic Defcon highlights the differences. Defcon may be simple but, as with chess, it allows you to use simple pieces to achieve complex goals. Introversion has tried to retain those same simple ideas with Multiwinia, although your well thought-out plans can be ruined at any time by some random event. A tactical masterstroke can be wholly negated by how grenade-happy the enemy troops decide to be."

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Gamer Vision                                          8/10    
"Multiwinia is a multiplayer-focused sequel to Darwinia, the surprise PC hit from Introversion Software in 2005. The plot continues the story of Dr. Sepulveda, who created a digital world for artificial intelligent life. These creatures, called Darwinians, have been infected with a virus that has made them hostile, now going by the name Multiwinians."

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Game Shout    
"A Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game developed and published by Introversion for the PC. Multiwinia takes the face out of war and just keeps the good parts. ESRB rating pending but likely another “E” for Everyone."

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Savy Gamer    
"Multiwinia is to 'serious' RTS games what Smash Brothers is to Virtua Fighter. There are definitely big elements of chance in there, and it is certainly less technical than it's peers, but it is often a hell of a lot more fun. Multiwinia is tight, fluid and really does march to its own beat. There is a lot to love here, every match is different, and it's an experience you will not find anywhere else."
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Video Gamer                                           7/10    
"Darwinia creators Introversion Software clearly have a soft spot for their accessible RTS. The game gave the company a foothold in the game development industry and allowed them to go on to create the insanely tense and addictive DEFCON. Not wanting to leave it in the past, and with an eye on pleasing the fans, Introversion has returned to their Darwinians in Multiwinia, the multiplayer follow-up. Although the almost overly simplistic gameplay makes it less essential than the best RTS games on the market, it's always fun and just as stylish as it ever was."

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"In 2005, independent developer Introversion Software rocked the PC gaming world with its hit Darwinia. In the game, you were in control of an army of green Tron like sprites that inhabited a server when a virus called “Red Viral” broke out and threatened the land of the Darwinians. It was up to you to control your forces to defeat the infected red viral sprites and take back the digital world for all spritekind."

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"When you finally get over the wrenching feeling of sending your men to certain death, Multiwinia is, in a two words, chaotically fun.  Mutliwinia plays like Nintendo’s real-time strategy Pikmin series, in a sense, because those games streamlined specific unit functions and encouraged multi-tasking, except Multiwinia is all about world domination.  Mutliwinia uses that same base concept, so there’s lots of simplification in this RTS, but it’s only for the better."

Read 2404 review                                                   80%    
"I'm sure that given time this issue will remedy itself. The game has a timeless appeal and as word spreads about the enjoyment the game heaps into player's laps the number of servers should grow and grow. In this review I've focused on the flaws of Multiwinia and maybe not been as successful in conveying the nail-biting tension that you anticipate as each new game begins. It's a quick game which uses its brevity as a lure with that one-more go factor scoring very highly. Its rich visual style and strong core gameplay put many other monster titles to shame. Even with human opposition being a bit of a rarity Multiwinia has enough gameplay to justify its price and as such Introversion finds themselves with another game recommended by this website."

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"Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest, developed by the folks at Introversion Software is a curious creature to say the least.  On one hand you have the simplest most mundane and rudimentary Real-Time Strategy or RTS game ever made, and on the other hand Multiwinia could quite possibly be the most brilliant RTS ever conceived.  The idea that a video game is based on warring factions that are comprised entirely of different colored "stick-men" in this digital day and age is almost ludicrous.  Yet, somehow, in some insanely satisfying way, it all works and plays extremely well.  Never before has blowing up massive armies of tiny stick figures been so much fun... even if that army is your own."

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Game Vortex                                          91%    
"I am still just completely sucked into this game. I have been playing it straight for 12 days. I was so excited when I saw something new from the Darwinian series. I was surprised, and maybe even a little skeptical, when I found out that it was going to be a head-to-head RTS. I wanted to continue the story, but I was completely and literally blown away by the depth of the game. It is just plain fun to play. My fears that the Darwinians' story was ending were quickly extinguished when I saw the ad for Darwinia+. Until then, though, I will be available for battle on the digital landscape."

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Big Download    
"It's been years since the Darwinia hit Steam, exposing the digital world populated by flat stick figure inhabitants, to an audience looking for something new and original. For all its charm, winning the game numerous accolades, it lacked a multiplayer mode to bring it all together. In comes Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest, the long-awaited follow-up to Darwinia. More of a spin-off than an actual sequel, the little Darwinians have evolved into a new breed called Multiwinians, divided into colored factions and all competing for supremacy. Multiwinia takes all the uniqueness and charm of little inhabitants and puts them at war with each other in all-out battles across six different competitive game modes."

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Cosmos Gaming                                   8.5/10    
" 'Multiwinia' is a pseudo-sequel to 'Darwinia' based almost completely on the concept of online play. With that in mind, it's fairly obvious that not much effort was put into the single player component of the game and as such, there's practically no story. Newcomers to the series will most definitely be clueless as to exactly why they're waging a war of sorts in a crazy worlds with stick figure-like characters, but that's not a reason to push this game aside by any means. This is truly an addictive, fun title that almost any casual gamer can enjoy. Come with me to the world of the Multiwinians, where we will witness a definitive battle for survival of the fittest in "Multiwinia" for the PC."

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Gamers Daily News                                7/10    
"There isn’t much of a background story to this game, although I didn’t feel it was needed, as the gameplay itself was enough to satisfy the need for a story. The flat life forms have decided that a bit of competitive multiplayer with a high ’flat’ count would be fun so they split themselves into red, blue, green and yellow divisions that would meet in combat to decide which colour would come out victorious. There is no complex narrative, tiny dialogue or slow to scroll through text to get your head around or strain your eyes over. There is a battlefield, your opponent and that’s it."

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Gamer Shell    
"Set in the same game world as Darwinia, Multiwinia combines the beautiful fractal landscapes from Darwinia, with the addition of multiplayer support, which will enable both co-operative and competitive battles between massive Darwinian armies. Multiwinia offers a series of separate game modes, each with a number of unique maps offering a variety of new challenges that you must complete faster and better than your rival's armies in order to win."

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“If you’re a real-time strategy fan, you must play Multiwinia. With its simple yet satisfying gameplay, you’ll be playing for hours without any concern of reality. That’s why game addiction is so dangerous yet so fun... Multiwinia is in a totally different league than even most professional AAA multi-million dollar video games. Buy it now.”

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"Click into its leftfield groove and Multiwinia provides a quirky but devilishly compelling distillation of all that strategy games can be - rich, deep and compressed into intense digestible chunks. Yummy."
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Gamewire                                               9/10
“For an indiegame this game is outstanding. Heck, even when they would be not indie developers, this would be outstanding. The game’s simplicity absolutely fits with the concept and makes it very easy to use for both casual and hardcore gamers. You will definitely not be disappointed by Multiwinia, this is absolutely worth your money (which is only €20). Introversion has once again done a great job showing graphics are not important, it’s about the gameplay.”
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Gaming Shenanigans                           *****
“Deceptively complex, it takes slightly longer than ‘a minute to learn’ but will definitely take a long time to master. We’ve talked about Multiwinia quite a bit, and there’s a reason for that: it’s a damn good game. Strategic, frenetic and fun, Multiwinia offers an experience that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.”

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"Essentially, Multiwinia is all about fast and furious action-based gameplay... and blowing things up."

The spectacle of the Multiwinians at war is awe-inspiring and the labour of love with this game shines through every pixel.

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Game Connect                                     8.5/10
“Multiwinia is a triumph. It has unique and inspiring graphics, fast, flawless gameplay, and more character than the last 10 games you played. It comes loaded with 49 unique maps, it recycles nothing, and every moment has been lovingly handcrafted by Introversion, which come yet again to the fore, proving that there is a future for 'bedroom programmers' that truly care about their craft. Go buy. Now.”

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Strategy Informer                               8.7/10
“The raw-fun factor goes into overdrive when you venture onto the internet to play against your friends. The game’s as fun as the competent AI will let it be, but factor in a working, adapting human mind and you’ll struggle, laugh, strategise and love every second of Multiwinia. It’s a game that you can come back to at any point. Each scenario / game mode plays out differently every time. A true triumph."

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Out of Eight                                              7/8
"A real time strategy game for those want their action fast and furious."

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Potential Gamer
"Seeing Multiwinia in action makes you realise that Darwinia was just a taster; what we’ve really been waiting for is the sight of thousands of soldiers marching across the polygonal battlefield, lasers firing tirelessly at the enemy. Multiwinia feels more epic at every turn, whether it’s watching a row of turrets tearing attackers to shreds or watching the gentle curves of an incoming nuclear assault arcing over the map."

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"As is the case with anything coming out of the Introversion studios Multiwinia has charm and style to spare...The gameplay is still as solid as it was in the preview build and the other game modes I hadn’t experienced are just pure fun to play. I think that’s what appeals to me most about Multiwinia is the sum of all the parts creating a gaming experience that’s pure and simply fun."

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