Multiwinia Monday 15 September 2008  
Welcome to the last instalment of Multiwinia Mondays!
We hope you have enjoyed the last six weeks and are now fully prepared for the release of Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest on 19th September at 6pm BST (British Summer Time)!
We’re sad to see Multiwinia Mondays end but what a great way to finish with our final, most chaotic and challenging game mode yet!
Assault is one of the most advanced game modes within Multiwinia and certainly not for the faint hearted.
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The beach landing in Saving Private Ryan best illustrates the idea behind Assault mode.
One team defends a heavily guarded bomb that will explode within a set time period, whilst the other team must attack and try to capture and destroy the bomb before it detonates.
The attacking player receives a constant flow of reinforcements whilst the defending player is incredibly heavily armed, but with a limited population.
The key here for the attacking team is to be persistent and continue to push your reinforcements through the defence – the challenge for the defending team is to hold them off for as long as possible.
The winner is the team who manages to attack or defend successfully within the set time.
Sound easy? Well it’s not but don’t let that put you off. Great epic battles throughout history have taken place in the very same way!
What are Multiwinia Mondays?
Every Monday until Multiwinia's launch,
we will be showcasing a whole host of
new content, including video tutorials of
each of the 6 game modes, the latest screens, wallpapers, artwork and
interviews with the developers themselves.
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Here is the final set of collectable cartoon images created by our very own Uncle Rick.  Thanks Uncle Rick!
 They're back!
   And they're bouffant!
And finally, we present the last selection of screen shots which will be available to own in print within the artbook which comes as part of our Limited Edition packs.
Check the Introversion store ( to find out more about these.


On a final note, we would like to thank everyone for tuning in every week for Multiwinia Mondays and we hope you enjoy playing Multiwinia as much as we have enjoyed working on it.
Thank you!
--  The Introversion Team

Our thanks to Qurios Entertainment Ltd and Soho Street Furniture for the making of the Multiwinia Mondays videos.
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