Multiwinia Monday 18 August 2008  
Welcome back everyone.
Multiwinia Monday is upon us once again and this week we’re tackling my personal favourite mode – King of the Hill (Vic: probably because it is the only mode I have ever actually beaten the beta testers at!).  
Here’s another video tutorial for you to feast your eyes upon, we hope you enjoy!

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A step on from Domination in terms of difficulty level – King of the Hill is a strategic conundrum that will test your battle-planning skills to their limits! 
Question is, should you:
a)  Set about capturing more spawn points to grow your army quickly?
b)  Head straight into the fray and capture those King of the Hill Zones straight in front of you to start scoring points?  
c)   Send your preciously limited Multiwinians to capture that crate miles off – it might contain something to help you destroy the enemy, but what if it unleashes a swarm of ants instead?!
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Here at Introversion we strongly believe that many of the best ideas are unleashed during a late night and too many cocktails.
Appropriately enough, it was in exactly this way, over a few too many Mojitos with our friends at IGN, that the idea of Multiwinia Mondays was born. 
Keen supporters of our games, IGN stayed true to their word and last week came to visit us at the Flying Hamster to put together some films revealing the true extent of chaos at Introversion in the run-up to a game launch.
The first of these exclusive behind-the-scenes videos has been released today by IGN.
It’s a must-see for anyone interested in gaining an insight into the personalities behind the team, how we all got started and what makes Introversion tick.
What are Multiwinia Mondays?
Every Monday until Multiwinia's launch,
we will be showcasing a whole host of
new content, including video tutorials of
each of the 6 game modes, the latest screens, wallpapers, artwork and
interviews with the developers themselves.
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Here’s the next batch of hand drawn cartoons made by our very own Uncle Rick.
 They're back!
   And they're ballistic!
Where exactly would Multiwinia Mondays be without some more screenshots of the different game modes and maps?


Come back next week - same time, same place - for Multiwinia Monday #3, when we'll be taking a closer look at Capture The Statue!
Our thanks to Qurios Entertainment Ltd and Soho Street Furniture for the making of the Multiwinia Mondays videos.