Multiwinia Monday 25 August 2008  
Welcome back!
This week marks the halfway point of our Multiwinia Mondays and amazingly means there are only three more Mondays to go now till launch!
It’s been a particularly busy week with half of the team at Leipzig promoting Multiwinia at this year’s Game Convention, and the dev team beavering away in the Flying Hamster putting the finishing touches to the final build.
We’re also delighted to announce that as from today you’ll be able to pre-order your copy of Multiwinia straight from the Introversion Store.
Beat the queues on launch day by obtaining your Auth key and pre-loading the game in advance, and be amongst the first to play Multiwinia!
To find out more about our pre-order options click here
In amongst all the activity, I’m also pleased to bring you our third instalment of Multiwinia Monday.
This week, Capture the Statue mode is the focus, with another instalment of our video walk-throughs.

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The concept behind Capture the Statue probably doesn’t need much explanation amongst seasoned RTS gamers; nevertheless Morten’s diagram does a grand job at doing just that.
 Click here to see a bigger version of this image
Capture the statues dotted around the maps with your herds of Multiwinians and bring them back to your home base in order to score points!   Once again, Uncle Rick brings us our next instalment of cartoon homage to the stick-man. 
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They're back!
   And they're bad-ass!

Come back next week as we take a look at our fourth game mode, Rocket Riot, and to view the second instalment of IGN’s Introversion video retrospective, where they’ll be taking a closer look at the highs and lows of Introversion’s growth from a three-man band in a student bed-sit, to a fully fledged indie studio in the heart of London.
Our thanks to Qurios Entertainment Ltd and Soho Street Furniture for the making of the Multiwinia Mondays videos.