Multiwinia Monday 1 September 2008  
Well folks, another Monday arrives, and we are back once again with the fourth instalment of Multiwinia Mondays.
This week we’re taking a look at a new game mode which you probably haven’t heard much about in the press, as it wasn’t included in the preview code we sent out.
This is the place to be to find out everything about our fourth game mode Rocket Riot!
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So what’s the basic premise?
Each team has a giant rocket, and in order to win you must refuel and occupy the rocket, and perform a successful launch before your rivals get the same idea. 
At any point during these phases the rocket is extremely vulnerable to explosions so you need to watch out for attacking enemy armies at all moments!

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I’m also delighted to present the second instalment of IGN’s Introversion retrospective. Picking up from where we left off on their first video, this next film looks at the highs and lows of Darwinia’s development, that legendary night at the IGF awards (park benches notwithstanding) and the subsequent overwhelming success of DEFCON’s launch.  
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Here’s the next instalment of Uncle Rick’s cartoons on a theme of Multiwinians behaving badly...
 They're back!
   And they're bingeing!
...and a lovely set of new screenshots - enjoy!


Join us next week for our penultimate Multiwinia Monday where we’ll be taking a closer look at Blitzkrieg. In the meantime, on the behalf of the entire team here at IV, I’d like to extend a big thank you to all those who have shown their support and pre-ordered their copy of Multiwinia!
Our thanks to Qurios Entertainment Ltd and Soho Street Furniture for the making of the Multiwinia Mondays videos.