Multiwinia Monday 8 September 2008  
Welcome to our fifth and penultimate Multiwinia Monday!
This week we’re taking a look at Blitzkrieg – a mode with a basic premise not dissimilar from a game of join-the-dots! 
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You start with a ‘home’ flag and your aim is to capture all the flags which link your own home flag to your opponent’s home flag.
If you manage to capture your enemy’s home flag, whilst successfully defending your own, then you win the game.
With massive gun defences surrounding your home flag and continual reinforcements to your Multiwinia army, flag sites quickly become areas of chaos and carnage!

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IGN returns this week with the final instalment of their IV retrospectives.
This week we focus on all things Multiwinia related – the game’s initial conception, development and lead up to launch, plus a sneak look into what comes next for the IV team post.
Click here for the first and second instalments of IGN’s retrospectives.
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Here the fifth instalment of Uncle Rick’s cartoons:
 They're back!
   And they're barbaric!

Don’t miss our last Multiwinia Monday next week where we’ll be looking at Assault – the most difficult and violent of all Multiwinia’s game modes!
Plus make sure you check back next Monday to read IGN’s worldwide exclusive review of Multiwinia – this will be your first chance to read what the journalists really think!

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