Episode 3 - Megaprocessor

Behind every great video game comes a plethora of ideas, missteps, dead ends and almost-made-its. Usually these embryonic prototypes get dumped in an archive and left to digitally rot, cursed to never see the light of day or feel the loving caress of a player's mouse. Until today....

Watch Mark and Chris dissect what it means to fail when trying to make a game, navigate the creative maze, meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same and remember; there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

If watching Mark and Chris isn't enough to get your rocks off then you can even play these — buggy, broken, well-conceived, but ultimately doomed pre-alpha builds below. We're asking for 5 bucks, but you can pay more if you want, in the virtuous knowledge that every penny we make will go to highly deserving charity, War Child.

PC only
Minimum donation $5 (War Child)
Episode 3 - Megaprocessor4 Feb 2021
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This month we take a look at Megaprocessor, a 3D electronics sim that lets you turn a NOR gate into 1 bit memory, wire those bits together to form bytes and plumb all that into a clock pulse to generate a 255 counter. Super-sexy, bang, bang, jump-out-your-skin it is not, but if you ever get a hunger to break out your old electronics kit…
Release Notes


Keyboard Controls

WASD / Arrow keys
Move camera around

Circuit Boards

  • Each circuit board has a set of available modules on the right. Click on them to select them.
  • Left Click : Place module or wire
  • Right Click : Delete

Episode 2 - Spacebots7 Jan 2021
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Seize control of a swarm of space-droids to harvest resources, create defences and secure your asteroid system against the evil invading force and some weird space-squid things…

Release Notes


Main Menu Options

A set of tutorial style missions to introduce the core concepts of the game
New Game
You begin in the Solar System and must evacuate. If you select the mothership you can open a hyperspace bubble to the next star system. (Unfinished)
You have a randomly generated star system - make the best of it
Mega Sandbox
Experimental mode with a much larger star system and far more planets and moons

Keyboard Controls

WASD / Arrow keys
Move camera around
QE / Mouse wheel
Zoom in and out
Select Mothership
Main Menu
Build Menu
Sprite Sheet

Save Data

The game places all save data here:



There is a file called

in the save data folder, which governs screen options. Use it to set windowed mode, fullscreen etc.

Episode 1 - Order of Magnitude3 Dec 2020
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To kick things off we look at Order of Magnitude, an epic attempt to re-create Factorio in Space starting with a small colony on the moon and ending in a Dyson sphere - now what could possible go wrong with that…

Release Notes

Order Of Magnitude

The first game to be released as part of Chris Delay's Failure Masterclass. Build a lunar colony and save humanity. Follow the tutorial to run through the basic concepts of the game. Nb. Additional buildings can be unlocked from the Research screen. (You can cheat and unlock them at any time)

System requirements

PC only


Move camera : WASD
Hold SHIFT to move faster
Move up and down : QE, or mouse wheel

Look around : Hold RMB
Zoom : Middle mouse button or Z

Take screenshot : P

If you find yourself upside down, press C to align with the nearest planet/moon

How it works

Roughly once a month, Mark and Chris will release a video on the Introversion YouTube channel discussing an Introversion Prototype — what worked, what didn’t and why we ultimately abandoned it.

When we release the video we will add the playable prototype to the failure bundle. By making a donation to War Child using the links on this page you can access the bundle and will automatically be granted access to the new prototypes as they are released.

There is a minimum donation of $5, but please give more if you are in a position to do so - all of of the proceeds will go to helping children directly affected by war. Any questions get in touch - support@introversion.co.uk.

War Child

Wherever children are caught up in wars — whether they’ve lost their homes, families, schools, or been forced to take part in atrocities — War Child make it their mission to do what they can to help them. The work has evolved from temporary food aid to ongoing, sustainable projects that improve the long-term outcomes for the most vulnerable and marginalised children in conflict areas and they are still the only charity dedicated to protecting and speaking up for children affected by war. With more than 25 years of experience, War Child are acknowledged as experts at what they do, and a leading voice in the sector.

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