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5th June 2001

Ground Zero : Site launch (6:00pm GMT)

Today is the day of our public site launch, so let us be the first to welcome you to Uplink. Hopefully you will find something here that is interesting. Right now you're probably wondering what Uplink is, and what it is about. In short, it's a computer game about Hacking. Industrial espionage, high-tech crime, that sort of thing. Have a look at the About page for more information, and take a look at our screenshots.

As part of our site launch, we have playable BETA versions of Uplink ready for download right away, for both Windows and Linux. The aim of these releases is to hunt down any bugs that might exist, and to give the general public a flavour of Uplink. Go to the Uplink Demo page for more information.

We also launched our Forums today, so people can meet and discuss the Uplink project. Right now they look a little empty (it's only day one after all), so please feel free to start any new conversation threads if you have something to say about us. You'll see the Uplink team on the Forums from time to time.

Finally, since this is a BETA version, please tell us about any problems or issues that you run into while playing this release. Either post them to the Forums (we have dedicated bug-report forums) or email us at



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