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28th January 2002

Another new review up on 99% Complete - click here to read it. They were nice enough to give us a very high score. Cheers guys ;)

Click here to read an English translation of the Italian review on NextGame. Thanks to Chris Conly for that.

More fiction:

"Year of the rabbit" part I, by sonnybobiche

"Binary" by Kostas Nikolopoulos


26th January 2002

There is a review of Uplink up on NextGame - an Italian site. Click here to read the review. If anyone could translate this for us, we'd appreciate it.

A new Uplink fan site - in French - click here to take a look.


We also have a few more stores, submitted today. Glad to see people are finally taking us up on that idea ;)

"For they shall inherit the Earth" part I, by Adrian Cushman. Click here to read it.

"Trace" part II, by Sam Miller. Click here to read it. Click here to read Part I.

"Nobody's fool" by Agent Alfador. Click here to read it.



24th January 2002


It's typical - you wait for months for people to write some fiction in the Uplink world, then two come along at once. Ah well. We've requested on a number of occasions that people have a go at writing hi-tech sci-fi for us, but nobody has taken up the challenge. Until now.

First up is a story by Jabberwocky - click here to read it. Here is our local copy. This was posted on our forums, and there is a bit of a discussion going on about it right now.

Also submitted on the very same day, is an excellent story by Sam Miller called "the Trace, part I". This was sent to me by email. Click here to read our local copy.

I've created a new section in the "Other Files" part of our website for these stories. Hopefully more people will get the idea and start adding their own works to the collection. We always love reading other people's stories when they are set in a world we created. The best ones will get plugged on this news page. As usual, please send to


13th January 2002

I just got back from London and the Introversion Software bi-weekly gathering (myself, Tom, Mark and John all in attendance) and we finally got loads of stuff sorted out. We have some fantastic ideas and plans for future patches and addons for Uplink. Far more than just one patch anyway - I think i'll make some attempt to stage the releases, otherwise people will be waiting for ages. We are determined to make these patches worth the wait - of course they will have bug fixes, but we are more interested in getting new gameplay ideas into place as well. There was a great idea posted on the Forums a couple of days ago, involving Local Area Network attacks. This needs some thought, but I think it could add a whole new challenge for experienced (and bored) players.

The Bonus Disk master copy has been approved by the other guys now, which means we can go ahead with duplication and distribution. Once again, we'll be sidestepping the publishers and doing this all ourselves. More news soon on delivery times. Once again, don't start sending your worldpay numbers just yet.

There is an interview with us on - click here to read it. This was done on Irc, and we talked about quite a lot of stuff - including some thoughts on Uplink:Online. Review should be following soon.

We have been voted onto two of the "Game of the Year" lists at The first places us at number 4 in the "Best PC game of the year" award. Interestingly, Black&White came fifth. I'm not sure if we deserve that, but thanks ;) Click here for the full lists. The second award places us at number 8 in the "Best Action/Adventure" category. Click here to see the full list. Wow!


6th January 2002

I think it's about time we updated you on the production of the first major patch for Uplink. I've finally been able to find some time to get going on it again, now that all those other distractions are out of the way (bonus disks, legal and financial stuff etc). I've almost finished working on the irc client - this will appear as a HUD Upgrade which you can purchase in the normal way. When you use it, you'll be able to talk to other people on irc about the game.

Initially it connects you to #uplink on (our Uplink IRC channel) but it's pretty generic and you can use it to talk anywhere. The screenshot shows me on the channel #debian - the busiest channel of all, with over 300 people connected. It's important to stress test these things ;)

The general plan will be to release the patch as a Beta - it will be called v1.1beta or something. We'll keep the old patch up. At any one point there will be two patches - an older "stable" patch, and a newer "beta" patch with experimental stuff in (like irc clients). I don't think we'll be telling you about most of the features we are working on - sorry - but it would just ruin the suprise. Lionhead have been working on monthly patches for Black&White, but you always know what they are before you get them. Boring. We're hoping to take you by suprise ;)

We'd also like to remind you that Uplink has been nominated for three awards at, and we need your votes if we are going to win anything. Please go to this location and vote for us in the categories of "Strategy game of the year", "Best presentation of the year" and "Game of the year". We'd really appreciate your help in this one.


4th January 2002

Some good news and some bad news.

Good news - another good review has gone up, this time at Gamespot. Click here to read it. Gamespot also did an interview with us back in November. It's interesting to note that the review score (7.1) is quite a bit lower than the reader review scores (8.3, average of 36 reader ratings).

Anyway, the bad news is that Linux Format (UK) have given us our first "bad" review. This is also our first printed magazine review, so we're pretty dissapointed. The guy just didn't seem to get along with the game, and awarded us 5 out of 10. Ah well.



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