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28th March 2002

We've recently been working hard on getting Uplink in the shops here in the UK, and it looks like we might just have made it. You don't appreciate just how much power these big buyers have until you deal with them. And you wouldn't believe the hoops you have to jump through, just to get around a table with them. We've had to totally redo all the packaging in a new DVD box, replacing the old CD cases in the process. We've had to sort out ELSPA ratings, bar codes, you name it. We're pretty happy with the result though - the new packaging is less "minimalist" but certainly looks more like a game. And yes, we've managed to keep all the "extra" features of the current packaging, in slightly different ways. Have a look at these shots of the packaging here - front and back.

The downside of this is that our production costs have gone up as well, meaning the cost of Uplink is going to go up a little. We're not entirely comfortable with this, but our hand has been forced. The UK buyers simply won't stock Uplink on the high street until our retail price matches theirs. This is going to translate into roughly £3.50 extra for Uplink - around $5.00. Ultimately it came down to a choice - continue web sales forever at £16.50, or increase the cost to £19.99 and get Uplink into the shops. We think we've made the right decision.

We've always been an open company, and we'd very much like to hear your opinions on the matter. We hope you'll agree that Uplink is still excellent value for money, and that we can now reach a wider audience through the high street. I've started a new thread on the "Uplink in Moderation" forum, so please post your thoughts on the matter. Let's try to keep it civilised. We'll be watching closely.

This also means there are now three versions of the Uplink game. The first version was hand made by myself, Mark and Tom - we printed our own labels and burnt our own disks. Maybe these versions will be worth something one day - we only ever shipped around five hundred so they're pretty exclusive ;) It is actually possible to determine which of us made the CD as well, although i'll leave that for you to figure out. The second version is the standard CD that we've been selling for the past five months, and the third version is the new DVD packaging version due to appear in shops soon. We'll continue the current version for one more week - as of next Friday you won't be able to buy them anymore. The new DVD case units will be the only ones for sale.

In other news

Ravenshadow has totally updated her popular Uplink site - have a look here.

Icepick has created a new Uplink site, and is currently hosting a number of excellent graphical conversions for Uplink. Have a look here.

Uplink is reviewed in this months PC-Format (UK), scoring 81%. Wahay!


26th March 2002

It appears that the Game Bible challenge has finally been completed by a few dedicated individuals! Icepick and Sarayan were the first to email me the special code at the end of the challenge, so they get the credit. Ender gets an honourable mention as well - he came in with the solution around three hours later. Well done to all three - that's some serious codebreaking and headbanging you've been doing.

Thanks to all those people who reviewed our game on - their page is starting to look reasonably presentable now. Have a look yourself by clicking here.

There is a review of Uplink on HardcoreWare Games. Click here to read it. This one's a three page review, with interview questions! Cheers guys. Readers with a very good memory will remember HardcoreWare wrote an editorial about "The lost genres" many months ago which made a fairly heavy mention of us.


18th March 2002

We'd like to request your help again to aid the cause - Uplink is going on sale on soon, and they're going to need user reviews of the game. So we'd like to request that you visit Amazon and post your reviews of the game for us. The more positive comments Amazon get, the more attention they will give to the game.

Click here to visit the page on Amazon and write your reviews.

This is the first time i've ever been able to click on the button that says "I am the author and I wish to add a comment". Kind of surreal.


I'm glad everyone is enjoying their bonus disks. Everyone seems to be focussing on the Book2 stuff - and some real progress has been made. I've seen some really good ideas that are in the right direction. We'd love to hear peoples opinions on the rest of the material on the disk.


I've fallen behind on the "small" news items recently, so here they all are - roughly two weeks of updates in one go!

Uplink is mentioned in PCG magazine (UK) this month, as well as on the last page of Develop magazine (also UK).

We have a new review on Click here to have a look. Cheers guys!

There is a new review of Uplink at The Official Time Wasters Guide. Click here to read it.

There is a new Uplink fan site at this address. Looks pretty nice. Thanks to Arkanum for that.

There is a fantastic guide available here, written by Icepick (a regular visitor of this site who is responsible for 10% of all posts ever made in our forums). Highly recommended, contains some spoilers.

There is a desktopX theme for windows, which makes your desktop look like Uplink. Click here to have a look.

There is another new fansite at this address. There is loads of new material there. Thanks to Tony for that.



5th March 2002

The Uplink bonus disks are now available.

Finally, after months of waiting, we have finished production and are now shipping Bonus CDs to all who deserve them. We will not be selling these bonus disks - but you can get one for free (we will even pay for delivery) by convincing one other person to buy Uplink. It really is that simple.

More details on how to claim your bonus disk can be found here. In short, each time an order of Uplink is placed, a unique worldpay number is sent to the customer. If you can produce two worldpay numbers (from your copy and your friends copy) then we will send you a bonus disk. Click here for full details.

All enquiries about this should be directed to

To all those people who are already due a free bonus disk (we promised them to people who had to wait longer than two weeks for delivery of the game, way back in December last year), we have already sent them out. The first disks should be arriving through people's letterboxes on Wednesday.

We also promised a number of bonus disks to people for "special" cases - eg a decent contribution to the Uplink cause. I don't have your addresses anymore, so please mail them to me at and remind me who you are and why you are due a bonus disk. Outlook Express wiped my inbox a few days ago, so I've lost all the ones I had stored.


Forum changes

Regular users will no doubt notice the forums have changed as well. We've been planning on doing this for some time, in order to address some problems with our old forum system.

In short, there is a new group called "Uplink in Moderation". This group will be monitored much more closely for posts that need to be deleted. It will be moderated fairly heavily. The intention is to make it possible for people to have serious discussions about Uplink, without having to worry about abusive posts being made which turn discussions into arguments and flame wars. We won't be removing critisism of the game - but we won't tolerate deliberately aggresive emails or too much bad language, or deliberately disruptive users.

We've merged the two bug report forums into one. The Linux bug report forum was simply not busy enough, and a lot of the bugs applied to both versions anyway. I've moved most of the new Linux topics over to the new bug report forum.

There is also another new group called "The Bonus Disk", since this new CD will no doubt be the hot topic of discussion for the next few weeks.


Older news

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