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31st October 2001

First month over and we are still here (12:17am GMT)

We weren't sure we'd make it, but we've now been running for exactly one month and we haven't died out yet. Our thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in Uplink, especially those who were with us from the beginning. In the space of the past month we've had huge numbers of page hits, we've been mentioned on some major sites including,,, and (perhaps unfortunately), we've had our own IRC channel created, we've had over 700 people join the discussion Forum and the demo has been downloaded so many times it shut down our web site on more than one occasion. All in all, a pretty hectic month.

We are also aware that quite a few people have been waiting for their copies of Uplink longer than they should, and of course we apologise for this. It's our aim to get the product to everyone within five days of ordering, and a lot of people have had to wait longer. When we started we had no idea Uplink would be this popular. We believe we have sorted this issue now - we have a huge order of CDs which have just been printed, and they are due to start shipping tomorrow. All those people who have been waiting should get their CDs within the next few days, and all future orders should be free of these extended delays. Please be patient with us ;)

As for the future of Uplink, we have created a new Forum for people to discuss this issue. We'd like to hear about your ideas for patches and addons (made by us or made by you), and your ideas about which way we should take the Uplink project. Ultimately of course we are thinking about Uplink 2 - lots of ideas are floating around and we haven't decided anything yet. One thing at a time.

What we need now is publicity. The key to this is convincing the major games sites to post stories about us. Most of the big ones screen the submissions so they won't post about any old game. But if enough people write into them then eventually they will write about us - hopefully starting a chain reaction which spreads through all the major sites and allows Uplink to take over the world. Then we can release the activation code into the wild, which will take the previously dormant world.dat file and convert it into the living/breathing digital entity that it is, eventually consuming the entire Internet in the name of Revelation.

Trust is a Weakness.


22nd October 2001

Uplink Terminal (7:30pm GMT)

I just heard from Baseman that he has set up another Uplink site at this address, called "Uplink Terminal". This site really impresses me - he has detailed information on the available mission types and some pretty impressive title animations to go with it.


And another one follows (2:22am GMT)

Kieran Walsh sends word that he has set up a new Uplink site at this url. I had a quick look and there are some cool wallpapers available for download - worth checking out.


16th October 2001

The first community website (11:28pm GMT)

Ravenshadow has set up a community site titled "Uplink: The Hacker's Shadow". Its actually looking pretty authentic - the layout, style and graphics are very much in keeping with Uplink itself. Looks like the site has a lot of promise.

Read the full post on our Forum.


15th October 2001

Patch 1.01 for Linux released (8:33pm GMT)

As promised, the patch for Uplink 1.01 is now available for Linux. The Windows patch was released a couple of days ago. The patch is for the Full Game only - it won't work on the Demo.

The main bug fixed is the "Log Deleter V4" bug which has been reported on the forum. This was causing some save games to become corrupt after using that software tool. People who had this problem will find they can now load those save games without any problems. There are a couple of other minor problems fixed as well. The patch can be found in the "Other Files" section of the web site.


Uplink IRC (8:35pm GMT)

After a quick post on the Forums, Mahldcat has kindly set up an IRC channel for Uplink. Details below. So far its been pretty busy - you might see me on there under the name _Chris_ from time to time. Maybe the other team members will show up now and again. Who knows.


Port: 6667

channel: #uplink


Site overload....ah well (8:39pm GMT)

We had a bit of a problem with bandwidth today, which resulted in a little downtime for the site. Sorry to anyone who couldn't get the demo during that time - its all working ok now. Hopefully it won't happen again.


13th October 2001

Patch 1.01 for Windows released (7:32pm GMT)

We have decided to release a small patch for Uplink which fixes a couple of the bugs people have been experiencing. The patch is for the Full Game only (it won't work on the Demo) and currently its only for Windows. We will have the Linux patch hopefully within the next couple of days.

The main bug fixed is the "Log Deleter V4" bug which has been reported on the forum. This was causing some save games to become corrupt after using that software tool. People who had this problem will find they can now load those save games without any problems. There are a couple of other minor problems fixed as well. The patch can be found in the "Other Files" section of the web site.


12th October 2001

Another request for talent (6:22pm GMT)

Our hits are through the roof today thanks to a brief mention on Penny-Arcade. Its quite likely that a number of new visitors will be joining from there, so make 'em feel welcome on the Forum. A lot of people have received the full game now and we are getting lots of feedback - thanks to everyone who has sent us positive (and negative) feedback. The discussion on Hard Forum was great - people were talking about the entire game in quite some depth.

Just before we launched we put out a request for Uplink related media - pictures, logos, music, short stories etc. There must be loads of talented artists out there who can start putting things together. I would personally be very interested to read a story set in the Uplink world - most of the high-tech science fiction around today is set in the traditional cyberpunk future. Impressive entries will get a good mention on this site. Send your work (zipped please) to


10th October 2001

Extended discussions elsewhere (1:06am GMT)

A large number of people have been discussing Uplink in quite some depth at this location on a public web board called HardForum. We only noticed this when we found that over a third of our traffic for the day was coming from that site. HardForum has literally thousands of members, with around 400 on the board at any one time. Incredible.


5th October 2001

German Linux users - Hello! (6:43pm GMT)

There is a short article and a lengthy discussion about Uplink at this location - is a German Linux site that has been supplying us with lots of hits for the last couple of days. The article and discussion are in German, and i'm starting to lose faith in the Babelfish as the translation seems to be getting worse every hour.


Ordering Uplink without a credit card (6:45pm GMT)

A few people have asked to buy Uplink, but do not have access to credit cards. We have uploaded instructions on how to order Uplink by mail order - click here to read them. They are also available from the "Order Online" page.


3rd October 2001

Uplink hits the Linux community (12:40am GMT)

For most of yesterday we enjoyed record numbers of hits, thanks to a mention on LinuxGames. Cheers guys! We always imagined Linux users would be receptive to the ideas in Uplink - which is one of the reasons why we decided to port it in the first place. One of our team is also a die-hard Linux user/coder, and he insisted we not forget about the penguin.

Also, Holarse (German Linux site) have written a short piece about us. You can view it here. Use the Babelfish if you don't speak German. It does a fairly bad job of translating the article due to the technical wording of it, but the meaning is mostly obvious. I did wonder about this translated line though (I think I know what the author meant ;)

"One can along-manage besides with the stock market, which or diplomas of other humans modify detention pages, cash of a bank on the other hand to transfer or on your own account."

We also seem to have attracted the attention of "Avatar" at the Evil3D web site. This site deals with Linux and 3D games mostly. Everytime we look at the web stats we see another site that is linking to us, bringing traffic in. Tell the whole world about Uplink!


2nd October 2001

Uplink Demo ready for download (9:14pm GMT)

We have finished working on the final Uplink demo, and it is now available for download from the usual place. Click on the "Uplink Demo" button on the toolbar to go to the downloads page. This demo is available for Windows and Linux.


1st October 2001

No days remaining - BUY UPLINK NOW! (2:08am GMT)

Finally, Uplink is now officially for sale. This has been one of the hardest weeks ever, but we got there in the end. Click on the "Order Online" button on the toolbar and select your country to buy. We are looking forward to hearing your comments and opinions on the full version of the game. Hopefully you'll be pleasantly suprised ;)

And it only took us 28 months.


30th September 2001

Only one day remaining (7:22pm GMT)

We've done our final checks and everything is in place. Its amazing how hard it can be to get credit card ordering up and running, and make sure that it will work when customers start coming through the site. We are planning on opening the trade screen either later this evening (around 6 hours from now) or early tommorow morning.


29th September 2001

Two days remaining (11:04pm GMT)

Today we have a new article for you to read, about the early days of Uplink and what inspired us to produce it. Click here to read "The Genesis of Uplink : Part I". Future parts will hopefully be coming at some point in the future.

Beta testers - we haven't forgotten about you, we've just been very very busy. You'll all be getting your free copies in the post shortly.


28th September 2001

Three days remaining (6:36pm GMT)

Just a quick update today...I was supposed to be uploading an article about the beginnings of Uplink but its not quite finished yet. Hopefully tommorow.

Call for creativity (6:41pm GMT)

Writing that article got me thinking...there is very little decent fiction in the area of this game. As far as i'm aware, the only real existing story books about hacking are Neuromancer (William Gibson), Snow Crash (Neil Stephenson) and Otherland (Tad Williams). All are set in a full 3d immersive version of the Internet, rather than the basic trimmed down vision of Uplink. If anybody knows of any others please let me know.

What i'd really like to see would be writers and artists producing short stories and concept art from within the Uplink world - use the basic themes as a starting point and roll your own ideas in there. There must be some talented artists and writers reading this site right now, who have some nice ideas. I'll post the best entries up here for others to look at.


27th September 2001

Four days remaining (6:26pm GMT)

We're glad to see a few old faces getting in touch with us again - people who were around when Uplink was first announced. It took a little longer to get to this state than we anticipated, but we're here now.

If you are interested in reading some existing articles about Uplink, here are some links you may be interested in:

There is an excellent Article on from 12th July 2001 which even includes an interview with the lead developer.

There is also an Article on from 4th August 2001, with some additional screenshots, written in French. Non-French speaking people can read our very own translation here.


26th September 2001

The five day countdown begins TODAY (6:45pm GMT)

After months of waiting, Uplink is finally finished.

From Monday 1st October 2001 - just five days from now - you will be able to visit our site and purchase the full game online. It has taken us over two years to reach this situation, and we're extremely happy with the results.

For the next five days the Uplink website will be counting down to release - we'll have updates and features for you to help get you in the spirit before release day. So have a look, talk to us on the forum and tell all your friends about us.

If you wish to contact us about Uplink, you can email us directly at




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