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28th November 2001

Hello new people (7:18pm GMT)

Gamespot has an article/interview about us today. Click here to read it. Hopefully a review will be following soon. I've just noticed that the gamespot article is now linked on BluesNews today as well - wayhay! It's only a small link in the etc section, but its a step in the right direction.

Looks like you are making a difference (you people who are helping to spread the word). Please keep it up - this is great.


27th November 2001

Publicity - you can help us (7:33pm GMT)

Here is your chance to do your part in helping the Uplink community. What we really need right now is publicity - just like the recent Games Domain review and Penny-Arcade stuff. If you would like to help us out, make a list of the top five games web sites in the world (you already know what they are) and tell each of them about us in the most glowing words you can summon ;) If enough of you do this, and these sites get enough emails about us, then they will start to take notice. Get writing!


GamesDomain review (6:31pm GMT)

GamesDomain have posted a full game review - click here to read it. They gave us 4.5 stars out of 5, and a "Games Domain - Highly Recommended" award. Cheers guys ;)


Player 2 Player article and review (8:48am GMT)

The website has now completed an article (including interview with us) and a full review for their new site. Regular readers may remember the origional mini-review of Uplink and the huge discussion that followed, which can be found (it's still going on) here.

Click here for the article and review.


25th November 2001

What the FAQ is going on (5:12pm GMT)

We have finally update the FAQ section of this site with some new information that people keep requesting. You will find information about the Bonus Disk, the IRC channel and the Forum Policy has now been added to the list.


21st November 2001

Off - site discussions (7:29pm GMT)

There is an informal review and an extended discussion (so far nearly 80 messages) about Uplink on Click here to read it. We like this review ;) Currently is "in production", but we've been told they will be opening with an article about us. Thanks guys ;)

16th November 2001

Twenty Questions with Introversion Software (8:25pm GMT)

The Mushroom have very kindly posted and interview they conducted with us over the last few days, titled "Twenty questions with Introversion Software". Click here to read it. The Mushroom will be following this up with a mini-review of the Demo and a review of the full game - so fingers crossed we get a decent score ;)

We've also had a very brief mention on Penny-Arcade again, which has caused a lot of traffic to this site. Hello! There will be a review on Penny Arcade soon.


15th November 2001

English translations posted (11:32pm GMT)

We've finally sorted out the non-English articles section, by posting translations of all the reviews we've seen so far. These translations have been done by people from the Uplink community - our thanks go out to them. You can find the English translations on our "Other Sites" page.


14th November 2001

Doesn't anybody speak English? (6:50pm GMT)

A couple more reviews of Uplink, unfortunately neither of them in English so I have no idea what they are saying. Translations into English will be greatfully received and published here.

Review at Baboom:, final score 8/10

Review at Games 4 Linux: (in German), final score 3 stars


8th November 2001

Another review (11:34pm GMT)

There is another review (hopefully the first of many) up on Click here to read it. I have no idea what the review says, but they have us 8 out of 10 overall. Its in Czeck, so if anybody reading this can translate for us then we would be extremely greatful. I'm quite anxious to read this (since its our second full review) and none of the Internet translaters will even touch it.


5th November 2001

Bang bang pop bang (7:38pm GMT)

Click here to read a review of Uplink, courtesy of The Interrogator. Spycat was nice enough to give us a whopping 10 out of 10, which we are pretty pleased with ;) Here is a quote which pretty much sums up the review:

"I generally find now that most games will not hold my attention for very long, most being assigned to the shelf after a very short period of time. Uplink was quite the opposite, mercilessly devouring every waking moment of my time, I found work slipping and sleep becoming virtually non-existant. This is a highly addictive game, with the phrase 'Just one more mission, just one more system' becoming a recurring theme here at Interrogator HQ."

Cheers guys ;)


4th November 2001

A couple of developments (1:33pm GMT)

There is a mini-review of Uplink up on The Underdogs. Click here to read it. Its a nice review with some great quotes as well. You'll get your chance to vote for the quality of the game yourselves - so far we've scored 9.99 out of 10. Get over there and vote for 10 ;)

There is a new Uplink web site called the Uplink Hackers Association. The site will be for modifications and patches to Uplink, and they have posted their first already - a mod which makes Uplink red instead of blue.


2nd November 2001

Order backlog completed (Woohoo!!) (11:14pm GMT)

We finally got the supply problems sorted yesterday and cleared the entire backlog of CDs that was slowly building up. Once again our aplogies to all those people who had to wait - Uplink will be with you shortly. We think we will be able to get orders to pretty much anywhere in the world within a week now.


Fantastic new Site (11:08pm GMT)

Check out the latest Uplink web site at this address: . The site is called "Downlink" - thanks to Carver Jones for getting that one up and running.


31st October 2001

First month over and we are still here (12:17am GMT)

We weren't sure we'd make it, but we've now been running for exactly one month and we haven't died out yet. Our thanks to everyone who has shown an interest in Uplink, especially those who were with us from the beginning. In the space of the past month we've had huge numbers of page hits, we've been mentioned on some major sites including,,, and (perhaps unfortunately), we've had our own IRC channel created, we've had over 700 people join the discussion Forum and the demo has been downloaded so many times it shut down our web site on more than one occasion. All in all, a pretty hectic month.

We are also aware that quite a few people have been waiting for their copies of Uplink longer than they should, and of course we apologise for this. It's our aim to get the product to everyone within five days of ordering, and a lot of people have had to wait longer. When we started we had no idea Uplink would be this popular. We believe we have sorted this issue now - we have a huge order of CDs which have just been printed, and they are due to start shipping tomorrow. All those people who have been waiting should get their CDs within the next few days, and all future orders should be free of these extended delays. Please be patient with us ;)

As for the future of Uplink, we have created a new Forum for people to discuss this issue. We'd like to hear about your ideas for patches and addons (made by us or made by you), and your ideas about which way we should take the Uplink project. Ultimately of course we are thinking about Uplink 2 - lots of ideas are floating around and we haven't decided anything yet. One thing at a time.

What we need now is publicity. The key to this is convincing the major games sites to post stories about us. Most of the big ones screen the submissions so they won't post about any old game. But if enough people write into them then eventually they will write about us - hopefully starting a chain reaction which spreads through all the major sites and allows Uplink to take over the world. Then we can release the activation code into the wild, which will take the previously dormant world.dat file and convert it into the living/breathing digital entity that it is, eventually consuming the entire Internet in the name of Revelation.

Trust is a Weakness.


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