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This is an English translation of a review of Uplink, origionally featured on Games 4 Linux.

The original article can be found here.

This translation was kindly supplied by Thomas "Szisser" Herzog.


Games 4 Linux Review


Game: Uplink
Genre: "Hacker Adventure"

You are a hacker working for international companies in 2010. Your task is to hack computer systems of rivaling companies, to steal research data, sabotage and money laundering.

by way of the tutorial you're learning the 'basics of hacking' rather fast. but don't think, that after finishing the tutorial
you are already capable of everything. much harder missions will occur than discussed in the tutorial.

graphics (3 stars)

because you are a hacker in this game, and have to break into other computersystems, you shouldn't excpect
expensive 3D graphics. although the single components (buttons, windows, menus) are very beautiful and delicate.

sound (2 stars)

the sound is matched to the story, too. you'll get a good, not irritating background music and a matching sound to
various actions (button clicks) is packed.

controls (3 stars)

mainly controlled by mouse. once in a while keyboard input is required.

fun (3 stars)

the fun is only slowed down by the fact, that the game is fully in english. besides that i can only recommend this
game to everyone.


opengl graphic card
20 MB harddrive


1) unpack the zip/tar
2) chmod a +wrx *



Uplink is a trademark of Introversion Software