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If you have a bit of a hacker in you or you've always wanted to be one, here is a game that will give you all the same sensations, without compromising your life!

Uplink is a game that is based on computer crimes and industrial espionage/spying on the internet in the year 2010.

You are in the role of an Uplink agent who has certain missions to complete. The aim is to pirate rival computer systems and to steal information, destroy computers, launder money, and erase all your traces or frame innocent people.

You will use money that u have gotten in this process with the aim to improve your computer, buy more software programs and tools. The more your experience increases the more difficult it gets to access the machines.
You can put part of your money on the stock market to increase the capital. You can modify police records and other information. You can even break into banks and steal money directly. And finally the cherry on the cake: you can participate in the construction of a computer virus!

As u can see this game groups together the principal forms of informatic/ computer infiltration (i advise you to see the film Cybertraque at the same time)

At the moment Uplink is still at the beta stage, the development of the game takes a while. it also exists in windows form.


After having installed the beta version you have to do "chmod +x uplink" , then u just have to launch the game with "./uplink"

the version we tested was Uplink 0.95 Beta.

you will arrive at the welcome page below

then u just have to register on the server, the connection is very easy/ user friendly and realistic, and you already get into the game.

now u just have to play the game. the tutorial given is very rapid and allows you to understand all the options of the game very well.

here are some examples of the screen to show u a little more of the game


Uplink is a very promising game in its domain. one really appreciates the effort of this compay to develop its game in linux at the same time as for windows.

one learns how to play the game very quickly and i have to say that u really do believe you are hacking machines for real and u forget that you are playing !

at the moment the uplink team is waiting for returns on any bugs for its game, as it is still in the beta version you can go onto the forum to speak of any problems encountered.

looking forward to the release of the game!

Article written by Extreme



Uplink is a trademark of Introversion Software