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This is local copy of an article about Uplink, origionally posted in State Magazine.

You can subscribe to State Magazine by emailing Oskar Skog. Or you could visit their forums.

Written by Steve Norman.



A game. About hacking. Right. How in the sodding heck do I review this then?
We've never had a game like this before. We've never had a hacking game.
This is an original concept. What's that? You don't understand those words?
You'll stick to your 'Generic Shooter v3' thanks very much? Oh no you won't.
You're coming with me, and you're liking it.

Simply put, Uplink is Elite. No, not l33t, it's Elite. You remember Elite?
That was an original concept too. Free form trading in a virtual world?
Change trading to hacking, strip away the graphical front-end down to
Championship Manager levels, and you're uplink. And the best thing is you're
very addictive, just like Elite was all those years ago.

What's very impressive is when you realise that this is just a puzzle game.
This is like one of those annoying shareware games your little sister plays,
or something. It's 'find tools for problem. Do problem.' But they've got it
right. They've made it so varied, and big, it's fun. It's anxious, it's
paranoid, it's conspiracy-filled. This reminds me of Deus Ex.

Did I say big? I meant huge. There are weeks of gameplay here. Weeks and
weeks. RtCW? 8 hours. Get out of my sight. Medal Of Honour? 12 hours max. Go
away. Uplink? I don't know. Despite the fact that I'm fairly proficient at
the game, I've never got above about 12th in the agent rankings, and I've
always got caught eventually. There's so much gameplay here, and you can
play it thousands of times and always be sure of being able to follow a
different pattern.

It treads 'realism' very well. Very, very incredibly well. It has real-life
technology, but you don't deal with it in a real-life way. This is 2010; you
've got scope for doing something differently. And like I said, it's
anxious, it's paranoid. You always make sure you do everything the right
way, and you delete more logs than you actually have to. Just to be safe.
You're caught? You can't just reload your last quick-save, sonnyboy. You're
starting from the beginning again, and you've gotta learn. Survival of the
fittest in uplink, and the fittest are quick learners.

And it's bedroom coding. People like us made it. Gamers who realise that you
don't need 3d graphics or big budgets to make a game brilliant. Gamers who
realise that all you need is a passion for games, an idea, and the desire
and determination to follow it through. For this, introversion software, we
love you. We salute you. Because the best thing about this game? It's the
only game I've seen with 100% immersion. It's never a game. It's an
experience. It's an experience you need in your lives.


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