External Libraries


Uplink makes use of a number of External libraries. You can find the source and pre-compiled libraries for most of these in the contrib directory on your CD. You will need to make sure their headers and libs are in your path when you compile Uplink.



A graphics library designed for 3d, abused and forced into shape for Uplink ;) openGL is included as standard on pretty much all machines now.


glut 3.7

A windowing system. Basically it opens a Window for openGL to render into. Handles mouse input, keyboard input etc.


tcp4u 3.30

A library that handles all of the low level networking code. Can be used to send data using tcp, udp etc. We use it in Uplink for the multimonitor system.


libtiff 3.4

Loads TIFF image files.


freetype 1.3.1

Loads TTF truetype font files. We use gltt to render the fonts.


gltt 2.5

Works with freetype to render Truetype fonts to the screen.


mikmod 2.1 and mikmod 3.1.9

Handles the task of playing MOD music and sound effects. There are much newer versions of Mikmod floating around, but we found the latency on sounds to be very high under Windows so the Windows version still uses 2.1.

You can easily use later versions of Mikmod under Windows by compiling Soundgarden using the default Linux settings. This is because the Linux version is set to use a much later version of Mikmod, which has a very different api.



SDL 1.2.5

Used in the Linux version for window management. Effectively replaces glut under Linux. We have also included a patched version in SDL_mixer-1.2.5-patched which includes our own modifications to the sound system. This entire library is only used for the Linux port of Uplink.