Compiling Uplink


This guide is intended to get you up and running with the Uplink Dev CD as quickly as possible. We will be assuming you have some knowledge at least of compilers, C++ etc.


1. Install Uplink

Fairly self explanatory really, but you'd be suprised. You won't be able to run any of the binaries you compile unless you have Uplink installed and ready.


2. Copy data to Hard Disk

You need to copy all the neccesary directories onto your hard disk. The directories you will need are:

/contrib (all external libraries used by Uplink)

/lib (all our own internal libraries used by Uplink)

/source (the main source tree)

Copy those three directories into your Uplink directory on your Hard Disk.


3. Chose compiler

If you are compiling Uplink with MS Developer Studio, click here.

If you are compiling Uplink under Linux, click here.

More compile guides coming soon.