Internal Libraries


Introversion Software wrote a number of libraries to help build Uplink. They have all been included on this CD. You will need to compile each of these libraries in order to build the final Uplink exe. Both the Windows project file and the Linux makefiles automatically compile all of these libraries before starting on the main Uplink source tree.

These libraries are located on your CD in the lib directory.



Reads Zip files. Used to access all of Uplink's data files, which are simply renamed Zip files.


Handles the user interface stuff - buttons, icons etc. Does not handle rendering of the buttons - data and callbacks only. Can do animations, moving buttons etc.


Handles many functions relating to image - Screen resizing, Font rendering, and TIFF image loading. Makes use of libtiff, libfreetype and libgltt. All graphics and fonts are handled by this library.


A security library. Handles encryption and decryption of save games, data files etc.


Used during debugging to detect memory leaks. This library dumps a list of every memory leak found at program exit. You can then use the tool SlashSort (located on your CD in tools/slashsort) to sort that massive file into something readable.


Handles all sound - effects and MOD music. Uses libmikmod.


Template dynamic data structures - Dynamic arrays, Linked list, Binary Tree etc. All of the main data structures in Uplink use this library. Does not need to be compiled - this code is included directly in Uplink.


A very specific bit of code that handles the task manager in game.