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General Information

What is Uplink?

Uplink is a simulated hacking tool, which allows you to perform various acts of high-tech computer crime. You can steal computer files, compromise government computer systems etc etc. You make money by hiring out your skills as a freelance hacker.


Is Uplink a real hacking tool, or is it a game?

Uplink is a game. A simulation of hacking. It isn't real.


What do I need to run Uplink?

The requirements aren't very high. Any modern PC - a pentium with at least 32megs of ram, and a decent video card. Versions are available for Windows (all versions up to XP), Linux and Mac.


What is in the Uplink DEMO?

You can run through the tutorial and also attempt a few of the starting missions. The Demo gives an excellent flavour of the final game. There is no time limit on the Demo, but you won't be able to advance beyond a certain point.


When/how can I buy the full game?

You can buy the full game now - click on 'Order Online' from the toolbar. There are a number of other on-line resellers however we recommend you buy the game directly from us in order to ensure the highest quality technical support and community membership.


I want to buy the Linux version of Uplink

The Linux version is shipped on the same CD as the Windows version. Linux users should simply buy the Uplink CD and look in the directory named 'Linux' on the CD.


How much will Uplink cost to buy and deliver?

This depends on where you are in the world. Click on the Order-Online button in the left toolbar for more information.


What is the Code Card and where can I get hold of it?

In a tribute to classic 80s video games, every boxed copy of Uplink is shipped with a black-on-black code card. This was never designed to prevent piracy and was there to remind you of the classic days of gaming. The code card text is available here.


Uplink is a trademark of Introversion Software